Tuesday, March 30


how cute are these derby party invites by M.Ellen designs? i love them! be sure to check out her WEBSITE where you can find tons of adorable, personalized, invitations, stationary and more! i wish i were throwing a derby party just so that i could send out some of these:
Mary Ellen also has a super cute blog, Mostly MEllen...

Thursday, March 25

more wants for the living room

ben may kill me. i really really want this fabric for drapes for the living room. more pink. i doubt he will like it, but oh well! i'll work on him :)

{this gives you a good idea of the color. at least i hope}

{here it is in larger scale}

isn't it a beauty?! and it would look lovely with the prints i posted about yesterday. can be found HERE for $22/yard. waaay less expensive than my beloved imperial trellis fabric.

i also need a pair of these. they are a great price {$140} and can be found at Target. from the photo, they look like they would work well with our sofa.
i mean, i am supposed to be getting gifts for graduation, RIGHT??!! 

Wednesday, March 24

lovely find

first of all, thank you all for your comments on yesterday's post. i'm fine, the anxiety isn't severe. i have a doctor appt in a couple of weeks so i'll be looking into my options then. i appreciate all of your thoughts, advice and encouragement! :)

on another note, i need some art to fill up a large, blank wall in our living room. i was searching for some botanical prints thinking they would be a pretty option. i came upon these gorgeous prints from this ebay seller. the prices are fantastic and the prints are all actual book pages. and perhaps i could pare them with some ikea Ribba frames. i think a grouping of six would be perfect for our living room! maybe i'll ask for these as a graduation gift?!

pretty, aren't they?! and there are so many more to chose from. ebay has a ton of botanical print options.

Tuesday, March 23


do any of you ladies suffer from anxiety? mine has been crazy lately. it's killing me! i already take zoloft for it, but i guess it's not working anymore. plus, i think it may be the reason i have issues concentrating. any suggestions? i've already asked my twitter friends, but thought i'd ask the crowd :)

Friday, March 19


realized, I missed 'Just Lovely's' 1st birthday on the 10th! 


{cute pillow case found at this etsy shop}

Friday, March 12

spring break 2010

my last spring break...EVER

headed here tomorrow: Tampa, FL

to visit her: my bff!!

see ya'll next week :) 

Thursday, March 11

Attention Lexingtonians:

Now that spring is upon us, I thought I'd make a shameless plug for Ben's landscape business. If any of you local ladies are in need of a landscaping company or would like to find a new company, I highly recommend Greenlife. They pretty much do it all! 

Tuesday, March 9

the end is near!

& no, despite the recent onslaught of earthquakes this post is not about the end of the world!! 

rather, its about the end of my law school career! woohoo! way more exciting! the finish line is in sight and i'm pumped! got my composite picture made today. blah. these always turn out horrid. well, actually, i like my senior year KAO composite picture. we get the proofs back next week, so i suppose we shall see...


graduation is set for May 8th. I'm thinking of ordering this dress for the occasion. thoughts? 

Wednesday, March 3

hair mask

This LONG winter has wrecked havoc on my hair! It is so so dry and I've never seen so many split ends! eww. When the latest Glamour arrived at my door I found a solution. The mag suggested using a hair mask product. I went to the Rite Aid down the street and picked up Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask for about 7 bucks. As Glamour suggested, apply a generous amount (especially to the ends of the hair) and then wrap a hot towel around your head. Leave the mask on while the towel cools then rinse. I've been doing this about twice a week and it is certainly working! I would definitely suggest you give it a try if this NEVER.ENDING. winter has also dried out your locks.

Monday, March 1

DIY headboard & Silhouette

Ben and I finally got around to making the DIY headboard I posted about previously. I love how it turned out and the whole thing cost less than $40. I also added some new art to the bedroom...

These were the inspiration pictures I pulled. The first one isn't DIY, but the last two are. I thought the headboard in the last picture was too thin looking and wanted mine to have more weight, so that's why I made the frame out of the 1x2s. 

Making the headboard was super easy, we just bought a piece of plywood, and one 1x2 board. Make a frame like the first picture shows. Attach the plywood. Wrap in batting then in the fabric you chose. I couldn't find the nailhead trim here in Lexington, so I ordered the 3 yards of it off ebay. Stupidly, I didn't read the description completely and didn't realize the trim didn't come with the nails you use to attach it. I got some at Home Depot, but they don't match perfectly, that's why every few nailheads is a slightly different color. To attach the headboard to the bed frame we used 2x4s cut at about 18", attached them to the back of the headboard & then bolted them to the bed frame (the legs sort of looks like the first inspiration picture).

I mentioned here that I love silhouettes. I searched the internet for vintage ones, but didn't have any luck. Then, on Thanksgiving I was at my Aunt's house looking through my late grandmother's high school year book and guess what I found?! Two silhouettes of my grandmother from her senior year in high school. I never had the opportunity to meet my mom's parents, they died before I was born. I got the silhouettes framed and I love how they turned out. Plus, they are extra special since they are a my of my grandmother.

Well, here is the finished headboard with the framed silhouettes about it:

{closeup of the trim. really easy to do}
{this shows you how I wrapped the fabric on the ends}

Now I've got to find or make some throw pillows and get new covers for my Euro pillows. Once I get the Euro pillows back on there, less of the headboard will show (which is how it was meant to look). 

What do you all think? I'm pretty pleased with how the two turned out!