Friday, October 29


I'm super (or as Britt would say..."MEGA") pumped about our friend's Brittany & Pat's Halloween party tomorrow! Still have to make both Ben & my costumes...and Brittany and Pat's come to think of it :) I'm going as Little Red Riding Hood and Ben is going as the big bad wolf. He didn't want to go as a furry animal, but after much persistence on my part he has come to terms.

directions from Martha

and I'm making these ghost cookies & some Halloween bark.

Have a Happy & SAFE Halloween friends!!

Thursday, October 28

more on Halloween

is it too late to be doing Halloween crafts? I just can't stop!! I really want to make this:

get the directions HERE

Tuesday, October 26

craft on the cheap

Got this frame at the craft store for $1. Had ribbon and paint...

Complete with Halloween photo of my friend MK & me, circa 2003.
(back when we used disposable cameras and actually printed out pics)

Monday, October 25

a lovely weekend

We had a beautiful weekend here in the Bluegrass...started it off with dinner and drinks at Harry's patio with a bunch of friends Friday night.
Saturday I slept in really late :) love. Then I did some cleaning and crafting while Ben and the guys went to Keeneland. Will share crafts soon...

Later, I met up with my family to tailgate at the stadium for the UK v. UGA game. We lost, but ya'll  know I don't really care!

Sunday Ben and I went to brunch at Doodles with Chels and Bart. I was ready for a long (3.5 hours to be exact) nap afterwards. ahhh.... Napping may be my most favorite thing to do...and with the windows open and a cool breeze, doesn't get any better!

saw some GIANT pumpkins!!
and had a beer (or three) at Drakes Sunday afternoon and dinner at/with my family Sunday night.

Perfect weekend! Hope your weekend was just as lovely!

and because I know you are all dying to know what my laugh sounds is my mom and friend Derek mocking me :)

Friday, October 22


Obsessed with Urban Comfort....seriously Suzonne creates some of the cutest things!! Ya'll have to go over and check out her Halloween ideas. LOVE!

Totally making these pumpkins with adorable fabric leaves!!
They will be appropriate all through November.

Go to her site HERE to get the how-to!

Wednesday, October 20

the winner is..

who says #13 isn't lucky?!

Miss Type-A!!

email me at please :)

Friday, October 15

Cutting Edge Stencils GIVEAWAY!

Cutting Edge Stencils and I are giving away a $40 gift certificate good on any of their products!  
Stop by their website and see which design is your favorite. 

To enter you must be a follower of Just Lovely  & simply leave a comment on this post telling me which of their stencils you would love to use!

Giveaway closes Wednesday, October 20th at enter by then! Winner will be announced Wednesday night! 

Thursday, October 14

Cutting Edge Stencils

You all may remember how much I love the Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis fabric that is rather pricey (for me a least!)...well you can imagine how excited I was when I came across Cutting Edge Stencils and saw that they had a large trellis stencil that looks just like my beloved fabric! Cutting Edge Stencils was kind enough to send me one to review and I am very impressed! 

I was originally going to stencil on drapery panels but then thought that perhaps I should start with something a little smaller in order to get some practice in. The people at Cutting Edge Stencils told me that they had heard of people using their stencils on fabric before, but the photos I saw on their site were all of walls. I wanted to play it, I started with a pillow.

Here is what the stencil looked like when it arrived. They also included a foam roller that I would definitely recommend you purchase as it didn't push the paint around but really places it where you want it. Does that makes sense? 

I laid out my fabric and taped the stencil down (I used the plastic wrap the stencil came in to protect my floors). Load up the roller and get to it! Just go slowly so that the stencil doesn't move around. Actually while I was doing this the stencil did move a bit and you couldn't even tell after it was finished, so don't stress if it does move some. 

Peel up the stencil and let your fabric dry. I washed my stencil off in the sink and hung it in the closet by a skirt hanger to store it. 

Didn't it turn out GREAT! I am so pleased with how well the stencil worked on the fabric. 

Here is a finished pillow.

I would most certainly suggest ya'll head over to Cutting Edge Stencils and check out all their great products. This was a really easy project and I think it looks very similar to the original, you get to choose your own colors! 

Now I'm just trying to figure out what walls in the condo to try the stencil on next!!

Pppssssttt - check back tomorrow to enter my giveaway! You will have a chance to win a $40 gift certificate to Cutting Edge Stencils!!

Thursday, October 7

mini deep dish pizzas

easy and so cute! got the idea from Martha:

shopping list:
1. pizza dough in can
2. pizza sauce
3. mozzarella cheese
4. toppings

roll out the dough. don't leave it as thick as it is when it comes out of the can bc then you will have too much crust. cut into even squares. spray muffin pan with cooking spray. place squares of dough in the muffin cups. i just added a spoon full of pizza sauce then added a layer of cheese, a layer of toppings, and another layer of cheese. pinch the corners of the dough square together and bake following the directions on the back of the pizza dough. (like 12 minutes)

Wednesday, October 6

Halloween prep

How adorable are these skeleton cupcakes I found over at Women's Day? I luuuuuve them! I'll be making some for a friend's Halloween party...can NOT wait! 

Get the how-to HERE

Monday, October 4

half full

As some of you probably already know I got the unhappy news last week that I didn't pass the bar exam.  And to add insult to injury, it turns out that I passed half the bar and the half that I did not pass I only missed by 2.5 percentage points. UGH.

Of course I was devastated when I saw that I hadn't passed. I don't think I could have studied any harder and I just felt like I had let everyone down. Disappointed everyone. I tried my best, and my best wasn't good enough. I don't know that there is anything worse than the feeling of being inadequate.

When I found out I went home and cried and cried and then took a looong nap. Everyone knew that Friday was the day we found out so I had to take lots of calls and texts asking me for the news. The news everyone expected to be happy. Then I had to let them all know, over and over, that I fell short. I tried to keep things in perspective....I told myself I would allow myself the day to mourn but that on Saturday I was waking up and moving on.

Friday night two of my best friends came to my house with lots of pinot noir for a pity party in my honor. We watched scary movies (bc ppl in scary movies have lives way worse than mine) & ate Chinese food. I did some much needed venting and some more crying while they reassured me that no one was disappointed...disappointed for me, but not in me... That life would go on.

And life has gone on....surprisingly I'm already over it. I can totally do this! If I was only points away from passing, then I know I will pass in February. Until then I have lots of things to look forward to. I think I had expected finding out that I hadn't passed to be the worst thing to ever happen to me, but it's not even close. I'll be fine and I will be a great of these days :)