Friday, December 20

Wrapped or Unwrapped?

So, did Santa warp his presents in your house as a kid? Or as parents, do you wrap your kids' gifts from Santa? It's my opinion that Santa does NOT wrap his gift. Ben just suggested otherwise. Our kids will be getting their presents straight from Santa's workshop. Elf's don't wrap ;) I still remember walking down the stairs (when I was probably 6) to find Barbie's Dream House assembled under the tree. Fantastic! Gifts from Mom and Dad were wrapped up.
My nephew, Logan, with Santa and his wish list. He said he got too nervous when on Santa's lap to remember what it was he wanted. So my stepmom suggested he prepare a list. Cute!

Do you guys remember this house?! Oh, how I wish I had kept it and all the accessories! I just got really excited remembering all the furniture etc. I had all the stuff in this picture. For the most part I didn't "play Barbies" I just spent hours setting up her house in different ways! I also cut out carpet squares and carpeted her bedroom and living room. How cute were the window boxes with the flowers!

Wednesday, December 18

Our 2013 Christmas Cards

If you have been a reader for a long time now, you know that Ben and I started sending out joint Christmas cards well before we were even engaged. While I always thought this was maybe a bit weird, I wanted to send them anyways. Last year felt more legit since we were engaged. And this year it's officially acceptable :) haha! Here is what we chose for our first married Christmas cards….

{The car is similar to the one we left the church in}

And of course we didn't forget to include HB!

I've ordered cards from Minted for years now. The trick is to buy early when they have them on sale! The quality really can't be beat. I do hate that they say "Minted" on them though….but I suppose most online paper sources do that nowadays.

I love sending and really love receiving Christmas cards! I enjoy all the variations and pictures, and it makes me feel special that I was remembered. Ya'll feel the same?!

Monday, November 11

Christmas Wishes

{ 1 23456 7 • 8 • 9 }

What are you asking Santa for this year?

Wednesday, October 30

My Favorite Wedding Vendors Part 2 - IheardBride

My wedding veil...sighhhh...I LOVED my wedding veil. About as much as I loved my wedding dress. It is delicate and gorgeous and has a fabulous gauzy blusher. It will most certainly be a treasured keepsake and passed down to any future daughters/daughters-in-law. {I posted about my inspiration and search for a veil HERE}

It was perfect. IheartBride was an absolute dream to work with. I had no idea what I was doing ordering a veil. She answered all my questions and gave me great tips in picking the perfect veil to match my gown. I send her a sample of my lace and she sent me a sample of hers and they were SPOT ON! I then sent her my measurements (this is a bit tricky, but she helped me out) and she created my gorgeous veil.

I had originally thought I wanted a "drop veil" that was pinned to my hair with hat pins, but after receiving it in the mail I decided I wanted it attached to a comb so it had a bit more height at my crown. I sent it back to Eleanor and she attached a comb at no charge.

Enough words, pictures really do it better justice ---->

Wednesday, October 9

Wanting This Wednesday 10.9

A Barbour coat for HB. Wouldn't he be handsome in the quilted version? (he can match his Daddy!) A must have for what is predicted to be a harsh winter here in the Bluegrass!

Wednesday, September 25

Meet HB

Henry Bulleit our sweet giant puppy. We let Logan choose a name for him and he wanted "Henry". We also like "Bulleit" for one of Ben's favorite bourbons, so we went with Henry Bulleit and call him HB.
He is 21 weeks old and the most handsome boy ever. Everyday I think to myself how grateful I am that we have him and appreciate the joy he has brought to our lives. He is pretty chill for a lab puppy, very smart and very heavy! 50lbs already. He's mommy's boy and cries outside the bedroom door every morning after he and daddy get up to go for their morning walk. Here are just a few pictures of my favorite boy! Follow me on Intagram for (almost) daily updates on HB :)

{mixed bag of HB at different ages}

{The week we brought him home}

In his raincoat in July and in September below. He's growing too fast!

{6 weeks...before he came home}

{puppy teeth!}

The day he came home!

This week - adult teeth coming in


Love love love our giant puppy!! Now, he just needs a sister :)

Friday, September 20

Hosting An Afternoon Tea Bridal Shower

I hosted a shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law recently and it was really lovely. I went with a traditional tea menu of scones, petit fours, quiche, macarons, finger sandwiches, and of course tea! My dad collected mismatched tea cups from yard sales for several months, and all the ladies took their tea cup with a tea bag home as their favor. The country club has tea cups of course, but I thought this was a cute touch. I used the additional teacups and sauces for mini floral arrangements. I just picked up some flowers a Fresh Market. I also used my grandmother's (now mine!) silver tea pot as a vase.

(I got this 3 tier stand at Bed Bath and Beyond and love it!!)

(DIY'ed this tassel garland. Have ya'll looked at these online? They are stupid expensive. I used this tutorial)

{I ordered the tags for the tea bags from this Etsy shop. They said 
"Love is brewing <3 08.24.3013="" bridal="" leann="" p="" s="" shower="">

I ordered the "Happily Ever After" drink stirs/flags from the same Etsy shop.