Friday, December 20

Wrapped or Unwrapped?

So, did Santa warp his presents in your house as a kid? Or as parents, do you wrap your kids' gifts from Santa? It's my opinion that Santa does NOT wrap his gift. Ben just suggested otherwise. Our kids will be getting their presents straight from Santa's workshop. Elf's don't wrap ;) I still remember walking down the stairs (when I was probably 6) to find Barbie's Dream House assembled under the tree. Fantastic! Gifts from Mom and Dad were wrapped up.
My nephew, Logan, with Santa and his wish list. He said he got too nervous when on Santa's lap to remember what it was he wanted. So my stepmom suggested he prepare a list. Cute!

Do you guys remember this house?! Oh, how I wish I had kept it and all the accessories! I just got really excited remembering all the furniture etc. I had all the stuff in this picture. For the most part I didn't "play Barbies" I just spent hours setting up her house in different ways! I also cut out carpet squares and carpeted her bedroom and living room. How cute were the window boxes with the flowers!


Emily said...

Our gifts from Santa were always wrapped (and still are). Only big things like American Girl furniture were left unwrapped for me!

Emily @

Jill said...

Santa followed the same protocol at my house that he did at yours ;) Our gifts from Santa would be all set up in a nice display near the tree. Your description about "playing Barbies" is funny to me because I did that too. Decorated her house, dressed them in outfits, etc :P I didn't have this Barbie house but I had one similar with a plastic elevator, ha. Good times.

Chelsea said...

OMG!!! I had that same exact Barbie house. Unwrapped under the tree and waiting. Still the best Christmas present to this day:D I knew we are best frans for a reason. haha

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