Wednesday, March 30

looky what i found

At Target! ....and for just $19.99

Yea, I am pretty excited! Too bad the gold is sold out!

Monday, March 28

late to the party

So I realize we are a bit late to jump on the P90X bandwagon, but Ben and I just got the DVDs and are starting tonight!

I'm just hoping I look like this when finished:

Bahahah freaking SCARY! I may have nightmares after googling "female bodybuilders"...truely terrfying! And the pic above at least still looks slightly female in the face...but check out this "woman":

ehhhhhhhhhh :(

so have any of ya'll done P90X? Did you have good results?

{edit: errrr maybe not?! seems to be more strength training than i want...this girl needs cardio!}

Wednesday, March 23

Monday, March 21

royal icing

I'm dying to host a tea party for the royal nuptials of Will & Kate! Wouldn't it be fun!? I've gathered some essentials for a tea party fit for a queen...

some fab bunting! but in pinks!

the perfect party favor...tiara soaps!

cute cupcake toppers!

some gorgeous macarons ...perhaps a bit more Marie Antoinette than Queen Elizabeth, but whatever!
and of course, a beautiful tea set!

are you all looking forward to watching the coverage of the royal wedding next month? i'm excited for all the opulance!

Monday, March 14


Off to Knoxville for the week for work!

Anything I should do or see while I'm there?!

Thursday, March 10


I've decided to lighten up for hair that is. I have an appointment this afternoon and can't wait! I've been so very bored with my drab reddish/brown locks. I was not blessed in the hair department. I have lots of very fine, limp hair. Sucks. These are the pics I'm taking with me on my bb:

I think it will be pretty with my hazel eyes! What do you all think?! Are you doing something different with your hair for spring?

Tuesday, March 8

Sherry's brooch pillows

A friend of mine, Sherry, recently renovated an adorable ranch here in Lexington. Sunday I went to check out the finished product...and I'll tell you, it's TDF! The fabrics and light fixtures were my fave things..oh, and all her bathrooms are done in fabulous wallpapers! I'll show ya'll pics of the house soon, but today I wanted to share two super cute pillows I found at her house.

Sherry adorned these pillows with collections of old brooches. Some were heirlooms, some found at flea markets and antique shops. She even added some family military medals. I love the idea of purchasing a brooch each time you travel somewhere new then adding it to your pillow collection....collect them over time, picking up one here and there. What a great way to remember special trips!

Aren't they great? Love that they add some sparkle!

To get the look all at once, you can find lots (as in multiples together) of old brooches on ebay.

And, how cute would an all cameo pillow be?! love it!

Do you all have any special family brooches or just ones you love that you could use for this project?

Thursday, March 3

march means's time to start planning dresses for Keeneland!! Opening day is April 9th!

No clue what I'm wearing on my body, but I'm definitely want these for my footsies!

Lands End Canvas

maybe with this cute eyelet dress...

Tuesday, March 1

Welcome Spring

and guests to your home with a Just Lovely Wreath! How about my fave, Spring Bunting wreath!? Bunting just says "happy" to me :)

Contact me to place an order!
Spring Bunting wreath ~ starts at $35 (plus shipping)
Would also be adorable for showers or birthday parties...these can be customized to your colors and I could add a name, monogram, birthday year or "celebrate" too!