Friday, April 29

Happy Wedding Day Wills and Kate!

LOL! Love this poster! Also saw one that said "keep calm, it's just a wedding" bahaha. Cute. BTW...How come her name is Catherine with a "C" but she is called Kate with a "K"? I don't get it?

Elegant, classic, beautiful.

Thursday, April 28


Currently obsessed with Luxury Monograms which I found via Look Linger Love.

I absolutely NEED this pillow. kthanks.

Wednesday, April 27

Lifeguard Press & Lilly P Giveaway

The lovey ladies over at Lifeguard Press sent me some adorable Lilly items to I thought I'd share with ya'll!

So just leave a comment to enter to win these Lilly note cards. I'll announce the winner on Monday!

Be sure to check out all the great items over at Lifeguard Press. So many perfect gift for mother's day, graduations, and upcoming weddings!

Monday, April 25

book reviews

I've been reading a lot recently (outside my book club reading) and I thought I'd recommend a few to you...

Secrets of Paris by Luanne Rice

"Passion and friendship get equal billing in this entertaining love story, shaded with dark undertones, from the author of Crazy in Love. Lydie McBride, a photographer’s stylist, and her architect husband Michael move to Paris while Michael, on a cultural exchange program, redesigns a room in the Louvre. Lydie is still reeling from the shock of her father’s recent death in a murder-suicide with the young woman who was his lover. As Lydie is befriended by sophisticated Patrice d’Origny, a young Bostonian married to the owner of a fashionable jewelry store, Michael begins an affair with an eccentric French biographer who is engrossed in her 17th-century subject, Mme de Sevigne. Asked to design the new d’Origny catalogue, Lydie decides to stage a ball in a nearby chateau. While working on their separate projects, she and Michael try to determine whether their once wholehearted love can be recovered. Lively and appealing characters–notably Lydie herself–the Paris setting and themes of betrayal and forgiveness distinguish this spirited romance. –Publishers Weekly"

This was a great, quick read. I espcially loved it because of all its descriptions of Paris. Oh, how I'd LOVE to go back!

me in Paris, circa 2006

"The amazingly prolific Rice reintroduces characters from 2009's Geometry of Sisters for this heart-tugger about a reunion of a mother and her two daughters who've been separated for 10 years due to a disturbing secret. Set on the picturesque isle of Capri, Rice's touching tale reflects on how families can survive and thrive despite tragedies. Lyra Nicholson is a lonely heiress living in Italy while her equally lonely daughters, 16-year-old Pell and Lucy, a 14-year-old math whiz, live in Newport, R.Iwith their grandmother. Lucy's already tried to contact (via equations) the ghost of her dead father with Beck, her BFF and the sister of Pell's boyfriend, Travis. Pell travels to Italy, wanting Lyra, who abandoned her and Lucy, to finally take responsibility for them. Max Gardiner, her mother's smitten playwright neighbor, encourages Pell, even as she is distracted by Rafe, Max's 19-year-old recovering addict grandson. Rice gives Pell an old-beyond-her-years stability that Lyra lacks in this beguiling beach read that would suit YA readers as well as their mothers."

I didn't realize Rice had written about these characters previously...guess I'll need to read Geometry of Sisters.

When summertime neighbors Alice and Paul realize their feelings for go deeper than friendshipm they're afraid to share the news of their clandestine affair with Riley, Alice's sister and Paul's best friend. But then a darker, more tragic secret threatens to come between them. The page-turning pace of Ann Brashares's The Last Summer (of You & Me) makes it a perfect beach read. -- Redbook

What have you all been reading? We are reading Wench for our book club this month. Have you read it?

Saturday, April 23


Do you all read Capitol Hill Style? If not, you must! It is one of my fave go check out Belle!
And while I'm sharing pics of my work comp, here is another...loooove this pic I have as my background. Great advice (& colorful too)!!

Thursday, April 21

the happiest time of year

Keeneland!! The weather this meet has been questionable...but didn't stop us from having a good time!

(thanks to Mrs. D. for the pics, she was the official photog as I didn't bring my camera)

Wednesday, April 20

have you seen?

I'm totally swooning over this necklace..but its $300...a bit much for costume jewelry IMO! So, anyone seen a "look for less"? Maybe I'll get crafty and try to DIY! ha!

Monday, April 18

all the cool kids are doing it!

Wearing coral lipcolor that is! and i found the perfect one! Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze in "Continuously Coral"

{best pic i could find, sorry it isn't English!}
lovely, no?!

Saturday, April 16

BIG news..I'm a lawyer :)

I'm ordering this suit from the Loft...

to wear to my swearing-in ceremony..because...


words cannot express how happy and excited and relieved i am...thank you all for all your encouragement and support! now off to spend the weekend celebrating with friends and family!

Wednesday, April 13


I'm SO SO SO excited to see this!! Our book club read the novel last month & we are all going to see the film together...and Robert P is quite dreamy ;)

Monday, April 11

$9 monogram door mat

Here is a how-to, in pictures, of the springy door mat I made last week. I started with a $8 mat from Walmart and a 99cent can of spray paint...


ta-da! B&K (Ben and Katherine)

Thursday, April 7


I want one of these bracelets sooo badly...In gold with "believe" (not shown)
...or maybe the "xoxo" one (from Ben)!?