Thursday, April 29


loving this eyelet pencil skirt from Talbots. check out their blog, red chair confessions, for other great pieces and styling ideas. i'm definitely going to start shopping there for work clothes now that i've graduated.... once a get a big girl lawyer job and all :)

Wednesday, April 28

i heart these

this is a little more ornate than i usually like, but i'm still loving it. the colors are so calming and that huge fireplace in the bedroom? dying! 

i really really really want a pair of these chairs. 
and i love this casual built in eating area. i want to do something like this in our little kitchen.

that is all folks. think i'm going to be spending the day napping. i need to make it to the gym later. and then tonight my favorite person in the whole world is coming to stay the night!!! :)
this guy
he is getting so big! ahh i love him. even if he does wear jorts!

Monday, April 26

finish line

by this time tomorrow i will be finished with finals. finished with law school. {**assuming i passed all my finals** omg wouldn't that suck?!} i have two finals tomorrow and let me tell you, i'm totally unprepared. but, by this point, i'm over stressing. i just want to be DONE. 

so after tomorrow i'm looking forward to getting my butt back in the gym! and then this weekend is derby. we may head over to keeneland for derby day festivities. and then the following weekend we are headed to the beach!

anyhoo, have i shown ya'll the dress i got to wear to graduation? i love it! its anthropologie's "snow covered fields dress." it's so pretty!
and the back:

Wednesday, April 21

Tuesday, April 20


with summer quickly approaching farmers' markets everywhere should be setting up shop. they are the best source for fresh, yummy fruits and veggies. i know a lot of us are always talking about wanting to eat more healthy, and i think a great way to get plenty of veggies in your diet is to use a steamer to steam fresh ones. its so easy and fast, plus the food holds most of its nutrients.

i'm waiting for this baby to arrive in the mail. i ordered it from they sell everything from kids clothes to corner tv stand. this is a great site for finding good deals. 

do you all have any good recipes or different ideas for cooking using a steamer? this one has two trays and comes with a rice bowl (obviously for steaming rice). 

Monday, April 19


Ben and I have been dating for five years today. I can't imagine my life without you Ben. You are my best friend and the love of my life. And in celebrating our five years together, here are five reasons why I love you so very much.
1. you can always make me laugh
2. you tolerate me picking at you :)
3. i'd rather be doing nothing with you than anything with someone else
4. someday, you will be a wonderful father to our children
5. you love me unconditionally

{so i'm grouping these by school years bc it's easier to keep track of}

sophomore year
junior year
senior year

1L year

2L year

3L year

Saturday, April 17

quick gift ideas

I got this adorable Lilly mug from Lifeguard Press and I think it would make a great gift! The colors are beautiful. I don't know about you all, but a $15 coffee mug is something I would never buy for myself. But, I would love to receive one as a gift! You could pair it with a yummy bag of ground coffee. Wrapped up cutely, it would be a great, quick & easy gift. Perfect for a coworker or any coffee lover!


Another gift Idea would be the Lilly Cocktail Shaker paired with some Lilly drink coasters. Great gift idea for a "stock the bar" shower or a housewarming gift. The coasters are $16 and alone would make a great hostess gift!

Hope ya'll have wonderful, relaxing weekends! The weather here is going to be gorgeous, hope it's the same where you are :)

Thursday, April 15

Book Recommendations

With the end of the semester being upon us you would think that I've been crazy busy getting ready, studying for finals. But, you'd be wrong. Quite the contrary :) I'm totally slacking and suffering from senioritis. 

I have, however, been doing a lot of reading (just not for school). These are all books that I've finished in the last two months that I would highly recommend. Of course, I always love Anita Shreve and James Patterson. 

"Testimony" is about a sex scandal at a private high school in New England. It's written from the different perspectives of several characters. The story is kind of sad, but it's certainly a good read.
I always like James Patterson books however cheesy they may be :) This is no exception. He writes so convincingly as a female character! This book is about a young woman who has gone through a lot of loss and sadness. When she finds out her beloved grandmother is in a coma she goes to stay at her grandmother's house on a lake. While there she runs into an old friend and basically finds happiness again. So yea, cheesy at times but cute and sweet.

This book was about a female Federal Court Judge who has some risque extracurricular activities! It has a pretty cool true history lesson/side story about the small town where she is from. I liked her character a lot and finished the book quickly because I wanted to find out what would happen next.

After reading the back synopsis of this book it seemed a little weird. But after reading it I really enjoyed it! It's different and whimsical. The two main characters are a woman and her childhood imaginary friend. But in their world imaginary friends aren't really imaginary but are real people who just happen to be invisible sometimes. Kind of hard to explain. Again this is a quick read and a good story!

And just for kicks... here is a book I've been forced into reading that I would totally NOT recommend. I haven't been able to finish it, it's certainly not a quick read. Kind of interesting but waaay too in depth.  I'll be happy to give you my copy if you would like to read it :) 

Tuesday, April 13


I luuuve this! How stinking cute are these tiny snail mail messages from Leafcutter Designs? I wish someone would send me one....Or maybe I'll just have to send one soon :)

Here is what the website says: "The World's Smallest Postal Service (WSPS) is a teeny tiny transcription service and roaming post office based in the San Francisco Bay Area and also available online." 

"Your letter will be transcribed onto tiny stationary (1 x 1.5 inches, see example above). The tiny envelope even has a miniscule wax seal with your initial on it. The letter comes with a magnifying glass and the little letter package is put in a sturdy mailer for shipping. I can send your letter directly to a recipient of your choice, or to any other address."

Apparently if you order online your message isn't written by hand but is in type (but smaller). 

You can also send a "Cute as a Button" package! The website says it's a "teeny tiny package with custom "to" and "from" addresses on it. Inside the little box is a strip of paper that says "You are as cute as a..." Under the teeny tiny crumpled newspaper, your recipient will find a sweet vintage button."

I think these would make a simple "thank you" or "happy birthday" super special. I'm not the only one who loves things in miniature am I?! 

Monday, April 12

i won! i won!

I woke up to a twitter message from Lauren over at Bluegrass Love letting me know that I won her Sephora gift card giveaway! How exciting!  Ya'll should go check out her blog if you aren't already a reader, you'll love it!

Thanks Lauren!! 

Wednesday, April 7

just FYI

I HATE the United States Postal Service. HATE. I mean, there is nothing worse than going to the post office right? Well, wait....maybe when they screw up TWO shipments to you leaving you with nothing to wear to the horse races this weekend. 
Not a happy camper.

ps don't forget to enter my giveaway below. don't worry, if you win, i won't send it USPS.

Tuesday, April 6

Lifeguard Press Giveaway!

I was contacted by Lifeguard Press and asked to review a few of their products. I wasn't familiar with Lifeguard Press so I checked out their website and found so many lovely things! I love their Lilly Pulitzer line and their Jonathan Adler line. This is a great source for super cute gifts!

I was excited when I got a big box in the mail today! They sent me several Lilly Pulitzer items that I'll be sharing with over the next few weeks.

One of the items I received was this stack of Circle Notes. Great for a quick note or list...I'm a list person & make them for like everything! Could your workspace use a splash of color? Keep for yourself or give as a sweet gift!

I'm giving away these Lilly Pulitzer Circle Notes to one of you! Just leave me a comment for one entry. For an additional entry head over to Lifeguard Press and leave me the link of your favorite product in a second comment. Please be sure to leave your email if your blogger account doesn't link to it. Giveaway ends Friday the 9th at midnight. 

Friday, April 2


Keeneland opens today!!! But, I'm not going, I'm waiting till next weekend. As of now the forecast says it will be sunny and 60. That is 20 degrees cooler than it is today. Only in ky.

I order this Anthro blouse to wear to the races next Saturday. I'm going to pair it with white pants...& yes, I abbide by the "no white until after Easter" rule! I love the beading on the shoulders, plus i figure i can wear it under a blazer for work. I guess I'll be needing a cardi over, hmmm...I'll have to work on that.

blouse can be found HERE.

Thursday, April 1

April 1

are you all planning to do any april fools day jokes today?! i've got to come up with a prank to play on ben... or maybe my mom, she is more gullible. i want to hear the jokes you all have played!

for some ideas check out THIS website...

{image found here}