Saturday, April 17

quick gift ideas

I got this adorable Lilly mug from Lifeguard Press and I think it would make a great gift! The colors are beautiful. I don't know about you all, but a $15 coffee mug is something I would never buy for myself. But, I would love to receive one as a gift! You could pair it with a yummy bag of ground coffee. Wrapped up cutely, it would be a great, quick & easy gift. Perfect for a coworker or any coffee lover!


Another gift Idea would be the Lilly Cocktail Shaker paired with some Lilly drink coasters. Great gift idea for a "stock the bar" shower or a housewarming gift. The coasters are $16 and alone would make a great hostess gift!

Hope ya'll have wonderful, relaxing weekends! The weather here is going to be gorgeous, hope it's the same where you are :)


Miss Type-A said...

Good ideas! I agree, I hate buying things like this for myself- especially coasters, but you need them and you want to have cute ones!

Anonymous said...

Those are all great girl! I got a WONDERFUL surprise in my mailbox yesterday....I LOVE IT! Thank you again!! xoxo

Lauren said...

I had no idea lilly made all this stuff--I just recently saw the ornaments and was shocked at that--but a coffee cup and shaker? how cute!

Sarah said...

Love this! Funny thing, the other day I went into a Hallmark store to buy a card, and they had such amazing little gifts! Not sure if every store is as fab, but I was definitely surprised either way! Tons of cute handmade wine glasses, stationary, etc.