Wednesday, August 31

weekend recap..yea, i know its wednesday

My birthday weekend was a BLAST! Lots of good friends, food and lounging by the pool! 

Pics from my party Friday night:

Mrs. D swaddled all the guys after they got out of the pool...Good practice for a baby D that I hope will be coming soon! :) 

It's my party...and I can bong beers if I want too...

Pug love

Gift from Mrs. D...she got me the wine sippies I blogged about! and they are just as cute in person!

German chocolate, my fave!

Yummy food

and drinks (watermelon mojitos are amazing!)

me and my sweet logy bear

gift from Poe :)

sissy and logan

my grill master

Cam being bar tender

they guys...

Katherine & Katherine

Me and Lauren

Friday, August 26

26 on the 26th

today is my "golden birthday"... 
26 on the 26th...
i'll think about age tomorrow...
but today i'll celebrate another wonderful year!

Monday, August 22

Miracle Worker

I'm thinking of ordering some products form Philosophy's Miracle Worker line...have you all tried any of these products? I have heard and read good thing, was curious as to whether you all would recommend?

The area around my eyes keep me up at night...they aren't puffy, but its like when I wake up in the morning there seem to be fine lines and then by the early morning they are gone. I don't know what gives, but I'm afraid I have full-blown crows feet in my near future! (gasp!)

May just purchase the trial kit to test it out.. 


Friday, August 19

and the winner is...

Please email me ( your shipping information and I'll get your Lilly P croakies and koozie out in the mail!

Thanks to all of you who entered! Have a lovely weekend ladies!

Thursday, August 18

please pray

My Nanny is having surgery tomorrow morning.  Please pray that there are no complications and that she has a speedy recovery.  There is a chance that the surgery might cause her kidneys to fail, so we are praying that this does not happen.

Everyone says I take after Nanny! I got my craftiness & creativeness from her.  Ha, I also got my, errr...sassiness from her as well :)

I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers! Thanks loves!

Tuesday, August 16


Emma makes me want to try being a redhead this fall. She is so stinkin' pretty! However, my complexion tends to be rosy, do you think that will look bad with red hair? My hair has a lot of red in it already (my brother is a ginger, ha!)

ummm....hello gorgeous!

If you haven't gone to see Miss. Emma in "The Help" yet, you better get yo' butt to the theater ASAP! It is SOO good! Seriously just as good as the book, IMHO.

Monday, August 15


The lovely ladies over at Lifeguard Press sent me some fun Lilly Pulitzer items to review and I wanted to share with ya'll!

I'm giving away this Lilly koozie and croakies. Just leave a comment to enter. I will announce the winner on Friday.

Still some summer left! Enjoy the rest of these hot, sunny days with some Lilly P accessories!

Friday, August 12

Us Weekly for 30 bucks!

Did ya'll see the Living Social deal for a one-year subscription to Us Weekly Magazine for just $30!? I always pick these up in the check out aisle and pay about $3 per magazine. So 52 of them for $30 is a great deal! 

Thursday, August 11

ready for tailgating!!

UK gals (or those of you who need blue&white, could add orange accessories for FL!)
Get it here from LE Canvas for just $35

Wednesday, August 10

Tuesday, August 9

birthday lust list

love this "luck necklace"... delicate, pretty & who couldn't use a little luck?!
from HERE

Monday, August 8

welcome to 2011

Yea, I know I'm a little late on this, but I finally ordered a kindle! I'm excited to get it in the mail. You all know I love to read and the Kindle is just so much more portable for traveling for work and whatnot. The books are way less expensive and you can share too!

Up next on my reading list are:
  1.  "The Hunger Games" series by Suzanne Collins
  2. Emily Griffin's "Something Borrowed," "Something Blue," "The Heart of the Matter," and "Love the One Your With"
  3. Chris Cleave's "Little Bee"
  4. Karen White's "The Lost Hours," "The House on Tradd St," "The Girl on Legare St.," "The Memory of Water," "Learning to Breath," "On Folly Beach," "Falling Home," "Pieces of the Heart," and "The Color of Light" (ha, this might take a while)
Have any Kindle books you want to share with moi?!

Friday, August 5

little girl gifts

I gave little miss Ava this super cute Lilly Pulitzer Paper Dolls set from Lifeguard Press for her 3rd birthday. She loved them! And everyone loved the adorable mini paper shifts :)

GREAT gift idea for any of the little ladies in your life!

Have a lovely weekend, ya'll!