Wednesday, August 31

weekend recap..yea, i know its wednesday

My birthday weekend was a BLAST! Lots of good friends, food and lounging by the pool! 

Pics from my party Friday night:

Mrs. D swaddled all the guys after they got out of the pool...Good practice for a baby D that I hope will be coming soon! :) 

It's my party...and I can bong beers if I want too...

Pug love

Gift from Mrs. D...she got me the wine sippies I blogged about! and they are just as cute in person!

German chocolate, my fave!

Yummy food

and drinks (watermelon mojitos are amazing!)

me and my sweet logy bear

gift from Poe :)

sissy and logan

my grill master

Cam being bar tender

they guys...

Katherine & Katherine

Me and Lauren


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday! I'm loving the pug pictures. We've tried to put ours (Sir Walter Raleigh) in baby pools to test it out and see if he likes the water but he HATES it. Yours looks so comfy on the float!

PinkLouLou said...

Looks like a blast! Wish I could have come!! WHO IS THIS PUG??

Natasha said...

sounds like a fabulous way to spend your birthday celebrating!!

Day Old News said...

Cholula would sooner die than touch water, that pug is one brave sailor! Happy bday!

Texan Couture said...

Glad you had a fabulous birthday and your little Pug is just so cute!

Lauren said...

So sad I had to work :( Hope you've taken a nice bath though! haha...that sounds really weird on here! haha

Charlotte Aimée Clarke said...

Your pug is unbearably cute!!