Tuesday, January 31

Listen Up Guys!

For Valentine's Day, buy her flowers that won't ever die...

So many gorgeous, original oil painting of different flowers on Etsy
You are sure to find her favorites!

White Floral (cute 6"x6" would be darling on a stand on her desk!)

And my fave, the one I hope my Benjamin gets me for Valentine's Day:

Hydrangea and Sweet Peas Abstract on canvas

Monday, January 30

I hate you Priscilla of Boston

Why did you have to go out of business before your Spring 2012 line came out?! I need Penelope.  So, have any of you seen anything similar? Can I have a dress made? Where does one do that? I'm sad, this is the perfect gown for me :( Well actually, I could do without the keyhole back...makes it look kind of wide.

Friday, January 27

Want of the Week

Gold plated Quad leaf Fleur Drop Dangle Earring with Semi precious stone Chrysoprase Aventurine from HERE $59.99

Wednesday, January 25

awesome business cards

While I'm getting my continuing legal education on, I thought I'd share these AH-Mazing business cards I found via Pinterest. For real, I think I need these. The perfect card for any fun loving divorce attorney!! hahahaha 

Unfortunately, I have no idea where one might acquire such ingenious calling cards.

Monday, January 23


I need a vacation. Ya feel me?! I could really use a break from the everyday. Give me  some sunshine on my face (heavily loaded up with sunscreen, of course), a fruity cocktail and a lengthy nap to the sounds of the ocean....

Do you all have any mid-winter vaycas planned? We may be heading to FL in Feb for a long weekend with close friends. Fingers crossed. I'm in a rut.

For now however, I will be in northern KY for a two day continuing education class. Yay (sarcasm font).  Speaking of sarcasm font, I think we should all ban together and dedicate one font to being THE Sarcasm font. Who wants to take the lead on this?! We will need you to contact twitter and have it incorporated into tweeting as well. haha!

Friday, January 20

puppy love...to fall or not to fall?

Ben and I have wanted a puppy for, well, forever.  We go back and forth about when the right time to start this little "family" will be.  He is recently set on getting one now.  I would looooove to snuggle up to a sweet baby white lab right now...but I also think we might ought to wait until we move into a house.  Our condo is like 800 square feet. We have no outdoor space.  It's winter.  See where I'm going?  For tax reasons we can't even begin to think about buying a house until October 2012.  And now, we have a wedding to think of budgeting for so I don't know where a house will fall into the mix.  Ben also travels a lot, and for extended periods of time for work.  I am not traveling for work any longer so I could run home to let the baby out etc.

When did you all get your dog's?  Did you have a large place?  Is it unfair to the dog to have him cooped up in our tiny condo for at least a year?  Of course we would walk him, and Ben would surely take him running and hunting.  Any advice doggy mommies??

Wednesday, January 18

Idea Board

I've had lots of questions about the wedding. We haven't set a date yet but are thinking perhaps June 1, 2013. Here is the inspiration board I've come up with...

{click to zoom}

Tuesday, January 17

Charleston Photographer??

Hello lovelies! I have a question for ya...does anyone know of any great photographers in the Charleston, SC area? We have decide to have the wedding at home, here in Lexington. Thus, we want to incorporate our favorite city by having our engagement pictures taken in the Lowcountry! Have you all used anyone you would recommend?

love, love, love this set in the doorways! 

Friday, January 13


What do you all think of monogrammed veils? Is it something that I might look back on and wish I hadn't done? Is it too much with a veil that already has a lace trim? I can't decide if it's a good idea or not. And what monogram would I get? My maiden, ours together, my new name? Thoughts?!
From Here

From Here

Tuesday, January 10


I blogged earlier about how I was asking for a Birchbox subscription for Christmas.  Well, Ben's sweet parents surprised me with one and I was so excited to get my first package in the mail today!  Now, I don't know if every Birchbox subscriber receives the exact same samples every month, but here is what goodies came in my January box:

1. VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Evertyhting Eye Serum
2. Zoya Nail Polish
3. Lara Bar (Not Luna*....This was disgusting, btw)
4. Jouer Lipgloss
5. Juicy Couture Fragrance

How fun! Its $110 for 12 months or $10 a month. Sign up here!!

Monday, January 9

pretty, pretty princess

How gorgeous did Kate look at the premier of War Horse? Sigh...so pretty. And that dress!! Would totally look lovely in cream for a wedding gown! I will definitely be decked out in lace on my wedding day!

Tuesday, January 3

Big News!!

Saturday for New Years Eve we went to our friends Nancy & Mike's wedding.  She was gorgeous and the wedding was super fun! The band was amazing and they even had the popular late night pizza spot deliver pizza before the wedding was over! 

Blurry, but her dress was just perfect! She was such a beautiful bride!

Evidence of the good time had by all!

She put on this fab one shoulder dress for their exit! 

And then Sunday Ben asked me to marry him!! We're engaged! Lol I know ya'll have been waiting on this for a while (me too!!) I'm so excited! I was totally not expecting it, at all! We were home taking down Christmas decorations and before I knew it he was on one knee! We then got ready and went to my cousins' to celebrate with my family. I've had more champagne this weekend than any one person should consume! 

Then yesterday our good friends Brittany and Pat hosted an engagement brunch for us! I had known we were going over there for brunch but the fact that it was for my engagement was a surprise! haha, Ben and Britt had planned it all out! We ended up staying over there all day just hanging out and celebrating with great friends! I'm a lucky girl :)

I don't know what the plans for the wedding will be yet. We have kicked around having it in Charleston for a while. It's both of our favorite city and well, just beautiful...so that may be what we end up doing. Not on the beach, but downtown. I expect it will be 2013 though...so don't expect any hard core wedding planning posts right away!