Wednesday, September 26

WWW - Seating

I foresee this whole seating chart deal giving me a headache or two down the road! But, I absolutely hate it when you get to a wedding and have no idea where you are supposed to sit. A seating chart takes care of that chaos. Another thing I hate is people standing in line for dinner. Especially when the band/dj announces when it is everyone's turn to go through the line...this isn't a freaking all-you-can-eat buffet at KFC. With that said, we will either be doing a plated dinner, or stations.

I suppose if you do a plated dinner, you don't have to assign seats, just assigning tables is sufficient. Is that correct? I'd like to get by with assigning tables - having escort cards and table numbers. I've been searching for escort card displays that I like, and I think I may go with a simple ivory card with gold calligraphed names, hung from ivory grosgrain ribbon (or maybe pale blue). Here are some images I'm drawing inspiration from.

How did you display your escort cards? {you can find these links on my pinterest board}

On a side note, I really need to learn how to do calligraphy! It would save me a small fortune! Or heck, maybe I will scrap the whole "dinner" all together and just make the reception one big cocktail party! 

Tuesday, September 25

change of plans - bachelorette party

One of my best friends is getting marries next month and we had planned on having her bachelorette party in Nashville this coming weekend. However, she is teaching a new grade this year, just bought a new house, and still has last minute wedding things to take care of. So, we decided to skip the weekend-long trip and do a night out on the town here in Lexington. Which means, I've got to throw together a bachelorette party by Friday! Eeek!

I sent out e-vites, and I'm planning a little lingerie shower before we head out to dinner and the bars. I don't have time to order anything, so I'll be DIY-ing a bunch of stuff!

Here is what I have in the works:

facinator }

Friday, September 21

Away Game

Tomorrow the Cats play Florida away. Obvi, UK sucks at football, so we don't travel to watch them play. But of course we still use the occasion of a game to get together for friends, food & fun! Plus day-drinking is always good fun idea (the evening must be committed to napping, but fun nonetheless). So, tomorrow we plan on meeting some friends at a local pup to watch the massacre that is UK vs. FL. I need this super cute letterman sweater (really a sweatshirt) to wear, don't ya think?! K...perfect for Katherine :)

Have a lovely weekend, ya'll!

Thursday, September 20

a bridal shower that's just lovely

I came across this gorgeous bridal shower on Ruffled and wanted to share. How pretty?! Sister...take note :)

that's a lot of macaroons! Beautiful colors!

I want to bring my wedding journal along to any showers I might have for guests to sign!

Wednesday, September 19

WWW - accessories

I still have some accessories to acquire for the wedding. I've got the veil and my grandmother's sapphire ring. I think I may want some sort of something to put in my hair after the veil comes off?? I've had zero luck finding shoes thus far. I still need a clutch. Other than that I suppose I need earrings and a pearl bracelet. (might see if I can borrow a pearl bracelet from a happily married friend for my "something borrowed") 

With that said, I think I've found my earrings! Aren't they beautiful! Bows are kind of a theme for the wedding :) (not a real theme, but they will be seen throughout). I love that they are feminine and delicate, but not too small. They will show up lovely in pictures and look great with my updo! 

Troika Earrings

Tuesday, September 18

Favorite things bag

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a super cute idea. Then I got to thinking about what I'd put in my would be difficult to keep it at the suggested $6 price range. I'd say $25 is more do-able. So here is what I'd put in my bag...what about you? 

1. Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint-Travel-Size $5
my favorite hand lotion
my favorite beverage
3. Paper Mate Flair Point Pen $2
my favorite pens
4. A monogrammed key chain $8
anything monogrammed is a fave
5. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm $3.50
my favorite lip balm

Friday, September 14

September Birchbox

I know once my monthly Brichbox arrives that half the month is already gone! September has been a whirlwind thus far! I got some repeats this month...but good ones!

  1. Kate Spade Twirl sample - nice summer scent, a little too peppy for winter IMHO
  2. Bosica night cream - this claims to shrink pores...that would be great! we'll see...
  3. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint - recommend this stuff! Feels so good! (gotten this before, its great and I keep it in my purse for touch ups)
  4. twistband hair tie - these are great! but kinda pricey (got this before, happy to have another!
  5. Color Club nail polish in UK blue! (got this before in a different color. love it)
  6. Mighty Leaf Tea (this is like the 3rd time I've gotten tea...I like tea, but I like beauty products better!)

Good box this month! Sign up to get your monthly box of samples for just $10 HERE!

Thursday, September 13

WWW - My To-Do List

{Side note, sorry for the lack of posts lately, our internet at home has been acting crazy as of to get that fixed before Ben returns home!}

Oh my word, ya'll! I was feeling pretty good about the status of my wedding planning...everything coming along smoothly. Then I was reading Style Me Swanky, and Megan had a comprehensive list of her to-do's - with what had been done checked off. When I started going over her list, applying my own accomplishments ....ohhh craaaap! I have MUCH to do. I mean, obviously I realized hadn't done all that much, we are still 10 month out, but it is scary when you see it all written down in list form! I of course, have my planning notebook, but I really liked Megan's her list, and made my own using her list as a guide.  I'll be updating it here occasionally to report my progress.

1.     Set a date
2.     Book a venue
3.     Book photographer
4.     Engagement photos
5.     Book videographer (if it is in the budget)
6.     Book band
7.     Ask bridal party to be in wedding
8.     Create wedding website (working on that currently)
9.     Book florist
10. Buy wedding dress
11. Select bridesmaid dresses
12. Select and order groom & groomsmen attire
13. Find veil
14. Book cake baker
15. Buy cake knife and server
16. Order save the dates
17. Finalize guest list
18. Antique cake stand
19. Cake topper
20. Ring pillow
21. Order save the dates
22. Send save the dates
23. Order guest book
24. Register
25. Reserve hotel room blocks
26. Hire a calligrapher
27. MOB & MOH dress shopping
28. Find wedding shoes
29. Choose wedding jewelry
30. Find garter
31. Clutch for bride
32. Sash or belt for bride
33. Something old
34. Something new
35. Something borrowed
36. Something blue
37. 6 pence
38. Make day-of emergency kit
39. Going away outfit (maybe)
40. Book makeup artist and hair stylist
41. Wedding favors or photobooth (if photobooth then picture book)
42. Getting ready outfit for bride and bridesmaids
43. Menu tasting
44. Cake tasting
45. Hair and makeup trial
46. Get measured for dress
47. 1st /only dress fitting
48. Order invitations (get custom artwork finished)
49. Send invitations
50. Bridal party gifts
51. Purchase wedding bands
52. Put together picture list for photographer
53. Get marriage license
54. Book transportation for wedding party
55. Welcome bags
56. Gift for Groom
57. Music selection for band and for ceremony
58. Playlists for cocktail hour and rehearsal dinner
59. Book wedding night hotel room
60. Order thank you notes
61. Tips and thank you notes for vendors

1.     Book musician
2.     Book church
3.     Pre-marital counseling
4.     Wreaths
5.     Yard/directional sign
6.     Programs
7.     Confetti

1.     Book caterer (included at the country club)
2.     Order rentals (may not need any)
3.     Decorations for bride and groom’s chairs
4.     Candles
5.     Bar menu sign
6.     Family wedding photos and silver frames
7.     Cocktail music etc
8.     Monogram table runner for cake table
9.     Escort cards and table number signs
10. Make table assignments and seating charts
11. Painting for over the fireplace
12. W for over bar area
13. Monogram cocktail napkins and drink stirs
14. Flip flops
15. Accessories for the bourbon bar(cigars etc)
16. Sparklers 

Rehearsal Dinner:
1.     Book venue
2.     Rehearsal dinner music
3.     Rehearsal dinner décor/flowers/cups
4.     Rehearsal dinner caterer
5.     Rehearsal dinner rentals
6.     Order invitations
7.     Send invitations

1.     Bachelorette party
2.     Bachelor party
3.     Bridal showers
4.     Book honeymoon
5.     Honeymoon shopping
6. Hostess gift for all my showers

Tuesday, September 11

The Tailgate Couples Shower

This past Saturday, I helped host a couples shower for our friends Rebecca and Jason. We thought it would be fun to have a tailgate themed shower...and actually do it while tailgating. I think it turned out pretty cute! The only thing I would discourage is having this as a shower where guests bring gifts. The bride and groom-to-be had one heck of a time hauling all their gifts back to their car on the other side of the stadium! Maybe you should try this one at home, for an away game?!

the bride and me

Bride & Groom

Made these little cake toppers by adding little sticks to the back of store-bought letters then painting.

And you will remember the cute invitations Mary Ellen did from this post...

Monday, September 10

not a destination

Been feeling a bit discourage and overwhelmed lately...

...But come back tomorrow for a recap of the fun tailgate shower I threw (along w/some of the other bridesmaids) this weekend!

Wednesday, September 5

WWW - I found my veil!

I've gone back and forth between wanting a big, poofy tulle veil and wanting something more understated, trimmed in lace. My dress has some lace (not to reveal too much - and no, my dress does not look like Kate's) and I didn't want 1. the veil to compete with the dress or 2. want to waste the money on a lace veil if it would just be lost in the lace of the dress. After much searching (and a brief love affair with a vintage 1950s veil with a ribbon embroidered trim) I have found just the right thing! My inspiration...Kate Middleton's sheer silk tulle lace trimmed viel. Her's was just the right length, the blusher tier was almost elbow length while the back tier was fingertip length. I loved how transparent it was over her face, allowing her dark features to show through. And the lace trim was narrow, so it complimented the lace on her gown without competing with it. Gorgeous!

Of course she got it just right....She's perfect! Sigh...

Now, where to find an attainable version of this glorious veil? Um, David's Bridal sells a replica, but ehhhhh... I'm sure the lace isn't very high quality. I needed something trimmed in Alencon Lace to match my dress. Most versions I came across online had very wide lace trim. I also couldn't find one that had the shorter front tier - I wanted that tier to hit the bend in my arm when worn in front of my face (bc obvi I'll be holding a bouquet). So, just like with my wedding dress, I've had to have something custom made. I stumbled upon Iheartbride on Etsy and fell in LOVE with her work. And I don't know if you all have ever shopped for veils, but lace trimmed veils are freaking expensive! I thought her prices were very reasonable (I've seen lots of lace veils run upwards of $1K!!).

She is making it from the alencon lace and silk tulle (so will be sheer like Kate's) I'm so excited about this veil, ya'll! I'm not sure why, but a wedding veil just makes a bride in my opinion...sure you can wear a wedding dress, but it's the veil that makes you a bride!! I mean, when else in your life will you wear tulle and lace over your head?!

This is what she will look like! Well, the front will be made shorter and cut to my measurements. Isn't is beautiful?! I'm in love....

And mine won't sit directly on my head like Kate's (hey, I don't have a diamond tiara!), I want it to fall something like the picture below.