Wednesday, September 26

WWW - Seating

I foresee this whole seating chart deal giving me a headache or two down the road! But, I absolutely hate it when you get to a wedding and have no idea where you are supposed to sit. A seating chart takes care of that chaos. Another thing I hate is people standing in line for dinner. Especially when the band/dj announces when it is everyone's turn to go through the line...this isn't a freaking all-you-can-eat buffet at KFC. With that said, we will either be doing a plated dinner, or stations.

I suppose if you do a plated dinner, you don't have to assign seats, just assigning tables is sufficient. Is that correct? I'd like to get by with assigning tables - having escort cards and table numbers. I've been searching for escort card displays that I like, and I think I may go with a simple ivory card with gold calligraphed names, hung from ivory grosgrain ribbon (or maybe pale blue). Here are some images I'm drawing inspiration from.

How did you display your escort cards? {you can find these links on my pinterest board}

On a side note, I really need to learn how to do calligraphy! It would save me a small fortune! Or heck, maybe I will scrap the whole "dinner" all together and just make the reception one big cocktail party! 


Legally Fabulous said...

I kind of hate it when I go to a wedding and they don't serve dinner. Let's face it, going to a wedding means giving up an entire Saturday. And even if I have a blast and am so excited, it still feels like it's asking a lot to give up an entire day for a wedding... especially if you're going from out of town.
I think assigning tables and not actual seats is totally fine.. that's how it was at the wedding I went to this past weekend and it was great.

Laura C said...

We are totally on the same page! I'm all for assigned tables & plated dinners. I didn't assign specific seats, just tables- however I did make a little diagram for the caterer of how many of each meal went to each table & a color key. I had a different color represent each menu option, and glued 1 colored crystal to each card. A bit labor intensive, but better than each guess being asked what entree they selected.
For the escort card display I did mini gold votive holders filled with white hydrangea and then a little ivory cards propped on top w. gold writing.
I can send you pictures you like!
Good luck!

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I think the assigned tables would be fine!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog via pinterest. Looks like we share the same wedding date! YAY for 247 more days to go. :) Happy planning!

Brittney Denman said...

Ahh! Loved getting all the details together. Wish I had pinterest when I got married! Love them all!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

You can see my escort card display here:

I am proud to say I thought of the idea when I planned my pre-Pinterest wedding! :)

I also had placecards at each table, however I like the idea of assigning tables but not seats.

And YES on the plated dinner -- we had a dinner served of pulled pork BBQ, mac & cheese, green beans, and cornbread. Nobody went hungry (or drank too much on an empty tummy) and the food was DELISH.

Kristin said...

I bought frames from dollar tree and put one table per frame. worked out great. assigned seating for sure, and have ur dj let 2 tables go at a time starting with fam

Worthington said...

We are having a plated dinner and placecards and a seating chart. It is just easier and people are less likely to be cliquey. We have a lot of couples and only a handful of single people so this way people can mingle after dinner is over!

Jones Henry said...

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