Saturday, May 30

look what i found!

his name is stanley (bc the stanley steamer guy found him). what should i do with him? put him back outside? he is so tiny, i'm afraid something will eat him...

Thursday, May 28

ebay listing

i listed the dress i wore to derby on ebay. if you are interested you can find it here

Wednesday, May 27

cheap thrills

well i took your advice and i ordered this maxi dress from forever21 today. and for $18, if i don't end up liking it then i'm not out much!

i also ordered these earrings for $5. i'm sure my ears will itch bc they are cheap, but i think they are cute for a night out on a patio! 

Tuesday, May 26


i have a question for ya'll...
i'm only 5'2" and am wondering if i can wear a maxi dress. i think they are so cute for summer, but i'm worried i will look silly bc i'm so short. thoughts? 

Saturday, May 23

house warming

my bff and her future hubby just bought a house and close on it the end of next week. i'm trying to decide what to get them for a house warming gift. the thing is that she isn't moving in until after the wedding this fall, he will live there alone until then {rather old fashioned i think, but whatever}. i was going to get them monogramed wine glasses but we are having a stock the bar shower sometime this summer and i want to get those for them then. is it ok to get them something with their married monogram on it now? is that like bad luck or something? here are a couple of ideas. do you all have any suggestions? 
framed monogram from here 
"new home" wine glasses that can be customized with date or address or whatever from here

Thursday, May 21


have you all ever used this stuff? its soooo gross. i've been redoing my mom's half bath and took down some wallpaper. i used kilz to even out the aftermath. it smells horrid and now i have it all over me and its not coming off anytime soon. ick. 

Tuesday, May 19


here are some of the inspiration pictures I have pulled for the condo ben and i may buy. i didn't keep their sources because i didn't plan on putting them on here - sorry! {i think some may be from Apartment Therapy} 

i LOVE these colors. love the rug. love the drapes and their detail. love the white built ins and the pop of the pink pillow. and i love the two chairs and their shared round ottoman. i need this room. 
i'm considering a built in dining area. maybe something like this, but with the table in the picture below and two of its matching chairs on the outside. 
desk/sofa table. great for small spaces! 
love these colors. actually, i love everything about this living room. 
love the table and the muted colors. also like the pendant w/shade for above the built in dining area. 

i pulled this one because i liked the picture grouping and the high gloss black furniture. 
i saw this chair on someone's blog and i LOVE it!! so pretty. wonder if i can DIY?

Monday, May 18

why be a princess?...

...when you can be a QUEEN!?! 
Many thanks to the beautiful Paisley and Pearls for passing the Queen of ALL Things Awe-Summm! award along to me! Paisley is so cute and is headed to NYC for the summer for an amazing internship with Burberry! - be sure to check out her blog! 

Rules of the game:
  • List three things that make us AWE-SUMM.
  • Pass the award on to three bloggers we love.
  • Tag those bloggers to let them know they are now Queens of ALL THINGS AWE-SUMM.
  • Don't forget to link to the Queen that tagged us.
  • If you would like, copy the pic and put it on your sidebar so everyone knows that you're a Queen.
First up --  house hunting! well, really, condo hunting. Ben and I are looking for a place to buy. We may have found the perfect place. And of course house hunting has lead to lots and lots of brainstorming about decorating! I'll keep ya'll posted! 

Next -- sleeping in till 10 everyday {and maybe 11:30 one day last week ;)}. I am however taking a summer class, but its in the evening. 

Lastly -- The Bachelorette! I'm watching it right now and I'm excited to keep watching! I have watched several of the past Bachelors and all the Bachelorettes! Jillian is too cute! and...HELLO Juan! HOT! 

ps i DID tag ppl but then Safari quit and i'm too tired to do it again right now...

Rebecca's Wedding

I'm in my friend's wedding this Oct. and because I LOVE wedding planning so much she has let me help out with the details! yay! the date is late in october and the colors we are going for are a warm candle light/gold, chocolate, and blush/rose pink. I think it will be really pretty and warm. i hate orange and red for wedding colors - didn't want to do "traditional" fall colors. 

We picked out the bridesmaid dresses this weekend and i think they will look great. the bridesmaids are all different sizes and i think these dresses will flatter all of them. she didn't want us to spend a lot of money {no v.w. :( } so we went over to david's bridal to see what selection they had. we decided on the one below. the guys will be wearing chocolate colored suits. 

style 83266

she is at the 5-6 month mark, so all the fun starts now! 

Friday, May 15

just lovely...

i love this picture i found on a wedding blog this week. so pretty. have a fabulous friday night ladies and i'll be back tomorrow! 

Wednesday, May 13

law school blows

have i mentioned that i hate law school? i just got my grades and did really bad in one class. its such a blow to my self esteem. ugh. but, the good news is that i got an A in con law! yay! haha i hated that class so that was a nice surprise! 

anyways....i wanted to share some pics of the house i stayed at while in charleston. it is amazing. my friend house sits for the retired couple who lives there (they were on a three week holiday in paris!) and we happened to be coming down while she was staying there. i want the couple to adopt me so i can move it! 

Sunday, May 10

i <3 that city

well, ben and i are back in ky after our trip to charleston and north carolina. we had a such an amazing time. it was so relaxing and it was great to see my friend alissa and ben's family. here are a bunch of pictures! {i took a ton so more to come soon!}
sweet blue house on King

lemons growing in the front yard!

door to my fave house
four floors. it is for sale and can be yours for a mere $7 million!
even the garage doors are to die for!

shopping downtown on King

more lemons, so pretty!

I hope you all had a great weekend and for those of you who are mothers, a happy mother's day!

Thursday, May 7

hello from the lowcountry

hey ya'll! sorry i've been MIA! ben and i have been having a fabulous time in charleston! i'll be back soon with a full recap! 

Sunday, May 3

a few from derby

hope you all had a great weekend! derby was really fun and the rain held out all day. we had box seats right by the track so we had a great view! here are some pics!
{don't mind the half smile}

{back of my dress}

{ben and me}

Ben and I are off to Charleston in the morning and I'll try to make some posts while I'm there! 

Friday, May 1

i'm excited!

for the derby tomorrow!!! have a great weekend ya'll and i'll be back monday with pictures!!