Wednesday, January 26

I'm Just a Summer Girl

I'm SO over this snow...I'm sure the rest of ya'll in the midst of blizzards are as well. This was me on my way to work this morning...

OK, so that's not really me, but it really did look like that here in Lexington this morning.

This white-out has me dreaming of the long, hot days of summer spent by the pool...

Summer can NOT come soon enough for this girl.

And to get ya'll in the mood for sizzling summer nights, a peppy tune by Leighton Meester:

This song is from Country Strong, and I highly suggest you go see it. I saw it this past weekend and it was really good! The music in the movie is great, I'm loving the soundtrack!

Tuesday, January 25

And the Winner is....

The winner of the Just Lovely Wreaths Giveaway is:

#11 Glitterista!!!

please email me at

{and yes, I used as usual to select the winner,
but can't get my work computer to make the page into a pic}

Monday, January 24

Dandy Designs

Wanted to say THANK YOU to Danielle at Dandy Designs for my new trellis background! My fave design...I absolutely love it!

Does your blog need a lil' makeover? Check out Dandy Designs for some lovely blog designs! And I promise you will just love working with Danielle!

{side note...Please excuse my header. I messed it up and need to fix it when I get home to my mac!}

Friday, January 21

Just Lovely Wreaths GIVEAWAY

Enter to win this Valentine's Day wreath! Just leave a comment on this post & be sure you are a follower of Just Lovely. Check back Tuesday the 25th to see if you won!

 (I really should use a real camera and not my bb...sorry! the colors are brighter than the look here)

Thursday, January 20

come back tomorrow...

HELLO lovelies!

I don't have much to blog about....It is snowing like mad out my window. boo. I stopped by Rite Aid on my way home and stocked up on some necessities. Ya know, like a bottle of Pinot Noir and Valentine's day candy :) Obviously I'm a health nut!

Anyhoo...come back tomorrow to enter my GIVEAWAY for a Valentine's Day Wreath! (per a request for a wreath giveaway from a lovely reader, A Glass Act)

Tuesday, January 18


I'm super excited that I bought yesterday's Groupon for Skin Secrets Microdermabrasion!  I only paid $45 for the typically $90 treatment.  I've been wanting to try out microdermabrasion for some time now after hearing several bloggers rave about the results.  It seems like as soon as I hit 25 this summer my skin took a turn for the worse... & yes, I wear LOTS of spf, but the damage is done.

I'm hoping the peel (or likely a few peels) will get rid of these nasty sunspots (SICK, I know!)

You should totally sign up for Groupon in your town. I've gotten lots of great deals in the short time we have had it here in Lexington (like 2 custom spray tans for $18, which usually cost $50)!

Friday, January 14

latest wreath

Brit (whom I'm sure a lot of you know!) asked me to make her a wreath for her front door to use between now and I came up with this big snow leopard one w/ her last initial! And let me tell you, with all the snow we have been getting here in the Bluegrass, the snow leopard theme is quite appropriate! 
 (sorry for the crappy BB pics)

I figured she would like the snow leopard idea since she has an adorable one of her own:

{from brit's blog}

Her beautiful Kennedy! I made this for her room!

email me if you are interested in a custom wreath!

Thursday, January 13

upholstery in Lexington

Do any of you know any good places to have a chair
re-covered here in Lexington?

Maybe somewhere that is affordable?

Suggestions?! Please!

Wednesday, January 12

look for less

I got my Hunters from Ben's parents for Christmas, but if you didn't want to shell out the $125+ for a pair of rain boots the ON ones are a similar option. The Hunter's have a 15" shaft and the ON have a 14", so they are tall as well.

just thought I'd share! :)

Tuesday, January 11


I have decided to start a journal where each nigh I will write something that I was grateful for that day or whatnot. I hope this makes me more aware of all the blessings in my life.

Do you all do anything similar?

Friday, January 7

i wish...

i had a thousand dollars (to spend on lighting). because i would love to have this beauty:

from Anthro

Thursday, January 6


Thank God for Tide & my laundry fairy!

High Efficiency washers use less water than traditional models, so gunk and detergent can collect in the drum, resulting in a mildewy odor. To clean things up, run a Tide Washing Machine Cleaner pouch through a normal cycle.
To buy: $7.50 for three pouches,

 And special detergent to use all the time. 

We have these GE washing machines (these are not ours) and ya'll, things were smelling BAD. Like really, really bad. And all our clothes were coming out smelling sour and gross. Little did we know that this is a common problem for HE washing machines. Makes sense bc they use less water. So we were thrilled to find this washing machine cleaner that you use once a month to keep things fresh. And it works! I suggest you give it a try if you are having a similar problem. 

And I wanted to give a shout out to Ben! Or my "laundry fairy" as I call him....bc somehow my clothes always get washed and folded w/out me doing anything! He does just about every bit of laundry in our house...and that is one of the many reasons I love him ;) 

Tuesday, January 4

new decade

This year I resolve to be happy, to be greatful and to be content. Content with what I have and where I am. To keep dreaming and planning, keep working to become the person I wish to be...