Thursday, June 28

Race day!

Every 4th of July here in Lexington, we start the day bright and early with the Bluegrass 10,000 race. Ben has run in this race every year since I have known him. My family and I make our annual visit to our friends' house which has a giant porch that overlooks part of the course. It is always a lively bunch and a great time...they hire a band, have it catered...the whole 9 yards! This usually begins at 8am. You can imagine that I'm ready for a nap after the festivities wind down (a little respite before the next event - pool party!) Here is what I'd like to be wearing this year to the watch that is! {Top & Shorts}
And this is what I plan on bring ...yea, it's early, but we still booze! Patriotic Jello Shooters!

Wednesday, June 27

WWW - my woobie

Have I explained to ya'll before why I call Ben "Woobie" and he calls me the same? Well if I haven't here is the low-down.... When we first started dating, MTV had a show out called "The Andy Milonakis Show." There was an episode (or maybe a few, I can't remember) where Andy talked to his dog "wubbie"...And so was born "woobie"!! Now several of our friends call us "The Woobies" or singularly "Woobie," which refers to either of us. Luckily Woobie and Wade both start with "W" soooooo Wade Wedding Wednesday could really be Woobie Wedding Wednesday :)

Wedding planning hasn't gotten overwhelming or anything. You know I love it! 'But it is a lot of time and money to be spent on one night...I want to always keep in mind that the reason for our wedding is us, and that we want to spend the rest of our lives together!

Here is an old picture of Ben circa 2006...I looked for something from 2005 but we didn't have Facebook back then...yea, we have been together since before Facebook. LOL! (and that is my BoBo bear in his backpack. I've had him since my first birthday - I spent that in the hospital and the nurses gave him to me)

Telekinesis: Old dogs can learn new tricks

Friday, June 22

Let's talk registries

So, I'm finally getting around to starting some registries, but I'm wondering what is appropriate. I'm definitely registering at Pottery Barn and a local specialty store, L.V. Harkness. I'm wondering if it is tacky to register at 4 stores?! There a just a few things I'd like to register for at both Macy's and William-Sonoma...or I could probably get away with just doing one of them. What do you all think? How many places did you register at? Is it ok so long as I don't have repeat things on different registries?!

The two things I really want to register for at William-Sonoma...the rest I could find at Macy's.

Monday, June 18

The first 5 days after the weekend are the hardest...

Another Monday, people! We had a great weekend here in the Bluegrass! Spent Saturday by the pool for a friend's daughter's 4th bday party. Saturday night we went to a JL friend's wedding, she was a gorgeous bride!! Then Sunday Ben and I went to church with my dad and then took him to lunch. Last night my brother, sister and I cooked dinner for Dad at his house...low key...oh and I managed to get in a couple of naps (you know it's my favorite hobby) and visits to Pure Barre. Good weekend!!

HOW funny is this Scooby?! A wee bit inappropriate! 

Saturday's wedding was at Lexington Country Club, where Ben's and my reception will be!

The lovely bride and me.

Bubbly on the patio...doesn't get much better!!

Friday, June 15

Lilly P dresse for sale & RTR

A friend of mine purchased these two Lilly dresses on Rue LaLa and didn't like the length on her. Both are size 6. She is selling them for $99 each plus $5 shipping. If you are interested, please send me an email

Also, on an unrelated note use THIS link today (ends 6/19) to sing up for Rent the Runway and receive any accessory for free with your next rental! I've told ya'll before that I love RTR for renting dresses for special occasions. You can wear that expensive dress you have been coveting for a fraction of the price!

Tuesday, June 12

DIY Moss Monogram

A friend of mine asked me to help her make a monogram moss door hanger for their front door. I hadn't tried this before and it ended up being pretty simple, yet a bit time consuming. I think it turned out cute and wasn't expensive to make - probably about $25.

You will need:
1. moss - can purchase at any craft store. we bought moss table runners, essentially just long sheets of moss on a backing. you may need to buy two runners to cover back and front, depending on the size of your letter.
2. foam boards - we couldn't find one board that was large enough for the letter we wanted, so we bought two and taped them together.
3. burlap ribbon - or whatever you want
4. LOTS of hot glue 

First, tape your boards together and draw your letter on it with a sharpie. I used a printed out N as a guide.

Grab a beer because this is going to take a while....
cut out your letter. I did this with a bread knife. reinforce with more tape.
attempt not to hurt yourself...I was not so successful.
 and ta da! you have a large foam letter. now you are ready to cover with moss.
 lay out your letter on the moss (if you purchase this type of backed moss - you can also buy little pieces of moss and glue them together like a puzzle) and figure out where to cut. you can stick pieces together and you won't be able to see seams...this isn't an exact science. you can also fill in bald patches with all the pieces off moss that are going to be on the ground.

oh yea, you might want to do this project outside...its SUPER messy!!!
glue, glue, glue until your little fingers can't take any more!

 make a bow with your ribbon, glue ribbon ends to back of letter and hang. we covered both sides of the N because her door was glass. you could also paint the back of the letter black or something to give it a more finished look if you don't want to cover both sides.

Monday, June 11

June was a good one!

I just received this month's Birchbox in the mail was full of fun goodies & samples! 

1. theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac  this has a great consistency, gel-like & a very pretty pink - loving it already!  
2.  Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive - excited to give these a try
3. Masqueology Brightening - excited for this one too
4. Modcloth Headband - It has a wire in it to give it shape - will be cute for the pool
5. Supergoop SPF 30+  - this claims to be "everyday face & body lotion" but there is no way I'd put this on my face everyday. It is oily and very much a typical sunscreen consistency. 

Obviously you don't get all the samples that were available for each month. I kind of wish you could choose 5 samples you would like each month instead of a getting a surprise.... I would have really liked to try the COOLA Face SPF 30 Matte Finish CucumberBY TERRY Light-Expert Perfecting Foundation BrushBY TERRY Crème de Rose Nutri-Lift Comfort CreamGeorgie Beauty Winks by Georgie™ and the Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect...guess there is always next month!

If you would like to sign up for Birchbox, do so HERE!
It isn't expensive and it is super fun to receive a box of happies in the mail!

Friday, June 8

learn something new everyday... did I go this long without knowing this?! Awesome. I love the "Oh my god!"s in the video :)

I may need to give this a try this weekend!! Have a fun weekend, ya'll!

Thursday, June 7

Best Dressed Guest

I just checked my email and had one from Anthro...the Elvia dress was featured in it...I absolutely love this dress! If only I needed  it...that back is just gorgeous! I think you should buy it to wear to a wedding or event this summer :) Anthro has some seriously great dresses out right now. I think I'll wait for sales and purchase a few for impending showers of my own! I think this dress would be really cute for a shower.

Wednesday, June 6

WWW - my first wedding purchase

I found this antique lovebirds brooch in 2008, well before we were engaged. I knew it would be lovely on a bouquet some day, so I went ahead and purchased it. It's been sitting in my jewelry box ever since...waiting for us to be married!! Isn't it sweet?! I'm going to put a picture of my Nanny & Pa in it since they won't be there with us in person :)

Tuesday, June 5

Planning a bachelorette weekend in Nashville!

One of my best friends is getting married in October, and as the MOH I'll be planning the bachelorette party along with some of the other bridesmaids!! We have the date set tentatively for September, but you know me, I couldn't wait to start planning! Chelsea, one of the bridesmaids, moved to Nashville recently so we will be shacking up with her for the weekend. I'm thinking we will all arrive Friday night, and have a lingerie shower and dinner. We can stay in and watch "Bridesmaids" and have cocktails. Then Saturday shop and whatnot and get dressed up for dinner and the night out!

The theme for the weekend will just be girly cowgirl, pink, bachelorette stuff. I've found these super cute items on etsy, all of which I'm either going to order or make something similar.



Favor Bags


Any ideas you think I just have to do?! What have you done for a bachelorette party that was a big hit?! Let me know!

Monday, June 4

What I've been reading

Along with the rest of America, I indulged in the 50Shades of Grey Trilogy...finished the last book this past weekend. The first two books were quick reads, but the third kind of dragged on and was a struggle to finish (I mean, how many dramatic life-altering events can possibly happen to this 21 y/o girl in the span of a month?!?!) These aren't great literary feats by any means, but they are pretty entertaining and make for a fun summer-by-the-pool book. I heard no less than 10 ladies (older ladies mind you) talking about the books this past weekend by the pool. Everyone is reading it...peer it!

We've all head the rumors that the books will be made into movies, but idk if that is a sure thing. I can't imagine how they will make this happen without it being rated NC-17!! The books are really dirty and descriptive!! I suppose they could lose some of the lewd language and keep it a bit more tame for the big screen. In any case, this is who I think should play Christian Grey

Gray eyes, copper unruly hair, all American gorgeous CEO...YES.

Matt Bomer...HELLO HOTNESS! I think he could easily pass for a 27 y/o billionaire who turns ladies heads everywhere he goes ;)  Who do you think they should cast for Mr. Grey?!

And as for Anastasia Steele, I can see Emma Roberts playing her part. She is young enough looking and not too striking to be believable as Ana, the Converse wearing virgin.

"Stop biting your lip." hahaha

Or maybe her and Chase Crawford??

Have you all read the books? What do you think about a movie? Who do you picture in the lead roles?

Friday, June 1


On this day next year, I marry my best friend! Looking forward to 365 days of being engaged to Ben and planning our wedding. Lots of exciting events are planned for the upcoming year. Feeling blessed :) I've added a countdown to the right sidebar...follow along as we countdown to our big day!!