Wednesday, June 27

WWW - my woobie

Have I explained to ya'll before why I call Ben "Woobie" and he calls me the same? Well if I haven't here is the low-down.... When we first started dating, MTV had a show out called "The Andy Milonakis Show." There was an episode (or maybe a few, I can't remember) where Andy talked to his dog "wubbie"...And so was born "woobie"!! Now several of our friends call us "The Woobies" or singularly "Woobie," which refers to either of us. Luckily Woobie and Wade both start with "W" soooooo Wade Wedding Wednesday could really be Woobie Wedding Wednesday :)

Wedding planning hasn't gotten overwhelming or anything. You know I love it! 'But it is a lot of time and money to be spent on one night...I want to always keep in mind that the reason for our wedding is us, and that we want to spend the rest of our lives together!

Here is an old picture of Ben circa 2006...I looked for something from 2005 but we didn't have Facebook back then...yea, we have been together since before Facebook. LOL! (and that is my BoBo bear in his backpack. I've had him since my first birthday - I spent that in the hospital and the nurses gave him to me)

Telekinesis: Old dogs can learn new tricks

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melissa said...

This cracks me up because when that show came out my brother would sing the entire intro song ALL. THE. TIME. It occasionally makes its way into my head. When we fed Blaire peas and they'd end up all over her face we would sing "I rock peas on my head, don't call me a pea head." I didn't think anyone else remembered that show!