Tuesday, June 12

DIY Moss Monogram

A friend of mine asked me to help her make a monogram moss door hanger for their front door. I hadn't tried this before and it ended up being pretty simple, yet a bit time consuming. I think it turned out cute and wasn't expensive to make - probably about $25.

You will need:
1. moss - can purchase at any craft store. we bought moss table runners, essentially just long sheets of moss on a backing. you may need to buy two runners to cover back and front, depending on the size of your letter.
2. foam boards - we couldn't find one board that was large enough for the letter we wanted, so we bought two and taped them together.
3. burlap ribbon - or whatever you want
4. LOTS of hot glue 

First, tape your boards together and draw your letter on it with a sharpie. I used a printed out N as a guide.

Grab a beer because this is going to take a while....
cut out your letter. I did this with a bread knife. reinforce with more tape.
attempt not to hurt yourself...I was not so successful.
 and ta da! you have a large foam letter. now you are ready to cover with moss.
 lay out your letter on the moss (if you purchase this type of backed moss - you can also buy little pieces of moss and glue them together like a puzzle) and figure out where to cut. you can stick pieces together and you won't be able to see seams...this isn't an exact science. you can also fill in bald patches with all the pieces off moss that are going to be on the ground.

oh yea, you might want to do this project outside...its SUPER messy!!!
glue, glue, glue until your little fingers can't take any more!

 make a bow with your ribbon, glue ribbon ends to back of letter and hang. we covered both sides of the N because her door was glass. you could also paint the back of the letter black or something to give it a more finished look if you don't want to cover both sides.


Katy M said...

Love this, so cute!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Now this is a fabulous idea! xo

J&KgRiFF said...

You know you can buy cardboard cut out letters that are the same size that is thick at Joanns fabric for 9.99. Just to save you time on cutting it out next time. I've made them a couple times and they sell moss in sheets like wrapping paper that helps! Turned out great though

Glitterista said...

I wanted to do a moss monogram at our wedding--this looks so fabulous! :)