Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Feels like it has been Halloween for days...Thursday I took Logan to a Halloween party, then Friday I went to our Junior League Halloween party. Now again tonight we have trick-or-treating etc. So, here's a recap of my Halloween in pictures:

My fighter pilot Thursday night

And then Max for school on Friday (he wore this one for trick or treating today too)

Like I posted before, I was a snow owl Friday night, I ordered the headband off etsy and made the dress.

haha attempting to "whoooo" like an owl

Saturday I went with a group of girlfriends to a local winery, Talon. We had such a wonderful time tasting wines, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and just having girl time!

Getting Britt up on the barrel to "tebow." I'm not a FL fan so I was unfamiliar with this!

Then we all headed to a local bar/restaurant to watch the game. We posted up on the couches by the fireplace for well over 5 hours. Lots of fun!!

And looky what came in the mail today after the long wait! My Pippa bag! Its beautiful in person, I love it! Good mail day :) I will however note that it did not come with a shoulder strap as the bag in my last post had. Maybe they have discontinued this?

Friday, October 28

movie review

Melancholia. Errr...all I have to say is it is super long, super weird, and rather depressing! I guess in terms of cinematography it is lovely. And I love Kiki! If you want to read a real review of the film, go here. I wish I could find a better pic of Kiki's wedding look in the movie, I loved it! 

Thursday, October 27

warning!! do NOT order from this etsy seller!

Just a heads up ya'll, do NOT purchase from theroyalprincess shop on Etsy. She will lie to you and does not complete orders in a timely fashion, even if she has promised to have them to you by a specific date. Such a disappointment to see such an untruthful person selling on Etsy, where I have only had good transactions in the past. I ordered a shirt from her for Logan to wear for pictures last weekend, only to be disappointed :(

Wednesday, October 26

Monday, October 24

halloween costume ideas

Hello lovelies!! Happy Monday! Its super dreary here today, but lots to do this week!

Do ya'll have your Halloween costumes chosen? I'll tell you what I'm going to be...but if you're going to the same party as me don't show up in my costume or I'll cut you! hahaha. Only half kidding ;)

I'm going to be a snowy owl...See inspiration pics below:

I don't have the costume made yet, but I've ordered a white puffy, feathery headband.  I'm going to attempt to make a little shift dress like the top picture. Is she not a doll?! I'm making it out of felt, so how hard can it really be? 

Another idea I had was to be Madeline, the children's book character. 

This cape would be easy to make out of felt. Just use hot glue, no sewing!

Can't find a yellow hat? Wear a yellow flower in your hair!

and found this on Polyvore...cute!

Tuesday, October 18

Ben's bday weekend

Ben was able to come home for the weekend, so we celebrated his birthday early.  He has been out of town for work for more than 6 weeks, so it was SOOO good to have him home, even if it was short lived! We went to Keeneland again on Saturday then a bunch of us went to dinner to celebrate Saturday night. Did a big family bday dinner Sunday and then he had to go back up north :( But he had a great birthday weekend! Happy birthday (yesterday) to my woobie!! Love you!

of course he and I didn't get a good picture together :(