Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Feels like it has been Halloween for days...Thursday I took Logan to a Halloween party, then Friday I went to our Junior League Halloween party. Now again tonight we have trick-or-treating etc. So, here's a recap of my Halloween in pictures:

My fighter pilot Thursday night

And then Max for school on Friday (he wore this one for trick or treating today too)

Like I posted before, I was a snow owl Friday night, I ordered the headband off etsy and made the dress.

haha attempting to "whoooo" like an owl

Saturday I went with a group of girlfriends to a local winery, Talon. We had such a wonderful time tasting wines, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and just having girl time!

Getting Britt up on the barrel to "tebow." I'm not a FL fan so I was unfamiliar with this!

Then we all headed to a local bar/restaurant to watch the game. We posted up on the couches by the fireplace for well over 5 hours. Lots of fun!!

And looky what came in the mail today after the long wait! My Pippa bag! Its beautiful in person, I love it! Good mail day :) I will however note that it did not come with a shoulder strap as the bag in my last post had. Maybe they have discontinued this?

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Lauren said...

That Michael Myers is creeeeepy! And Saturday was the BEST DAY EVER!