Wednesday, October 5

P.S.A. in the form of a flowchart

Am I Wearing Pants? 

An Important Style Flowchart 

There's a series of questions a lady needs to ask herself before she leaves the house: did I put eyeliner on both lids? Is the iron off as to avoid burning down the house? Have I tightly closed the lotion I just threw into my bag? Do I have my lipgloss? Also, am I wearing pants?
Just kidding about the last one -- that's reserved for the likes of La Lohan, et al. But just in case you're ever doubting your legwear or you come across a passerby whose style is begging to be informed, Amy Sly has whipped up this handy flowchart to answer all of everyone's questions and more.

{click to enlarge)

From HUFFPOST STYLE via Capitol Hill Style (ma fave style blogger!)

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Brittany said...

I love this chart more and more every time I see it.