Thursday, October 13

Dear Modalu,

Please hurry up and get this bag back in stock. I really, really want it. My friend Shannon has one and its beau-tee-full!!

edit: looks like Modalu reads Just Lovely...bag is now on its way to moi! yay!


Stephanie Marie said...

I want one in every color! And it’s called the Pippa?! Perfect for work or weekend.

Just saying hello from

Beautylicionista said...

Good luck! I have been on the waiting list for the medium toffe since Pippa Middleton sported back in May! :0(

Fashion Meets Food said...

i love the bag. if i lived in the UK I would definitely get it. However shipping is probably crazy expensive to the US.


Beautylicionista said...

Shipping is free! And the bags are back in stock!!!