Thursday, January 28

The Love Shop

In honor of Valentine's Day's quick approach I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite Esty Shops, The Love Shop. Many of their prints are under $20 & wouldn't they be a cute alternative to the traditional Valentine's Day card that just gets tossed in the trash?

I think I need those last two for my future lawyerly office {knock on wood that I will have one}!

Saturday, January 23

I need your help!!

I'm obsessed, like seriously obsessed. Like want to marry and have babies with... with Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis fabric. But, #1 I have no clue where to buy it, and #2 even if I knew where to find it, I could never afford it...SO do any of you all know of any look-alikes? I know Z Gallerie used to have a "Tango" pint, but they no longer carry it.

THIS is what I want. These yellow curtains. I LOVE them. I NEED them. Please help.

Thursday, January 21

let's meet

Ok laies, I've been chatting with Brit about having a little blogger "meet up" for anyone in the area. We were discussing a Saturday lunch, maybe sometime next month. I know there are quite a few bloggers around Lexington and wanted to see if any of you would be interested in joining us?! If you would like to try to get a "meet up" in the works, email me or Brit!

Monday, January 18

help me decide...

i made my weekly trip to home goods this weekend and picked up a few things. i purchased this round mirror and can't decided if i like it or not. ben, of course, doesn't care. it is a nice beveled mirror. do you all think i should keep it or get a large rectangular one? thoughts? they had a large rectangular one that was $70 cheaper...
i originally thought i would put the round mirror over the piece by the front door, but it made it look a little too much like a dresser. i put this large piece of art there instead.
i also picked up this pretty minty blue lamp for only $40! it matches my rug and drapes (that i have yet to make) perfectly!
this is the fabric i'm going to make drapery panels out of...eventually.

Wednesday, January 13

Must love dogs

I want a dog. Really bad. As a rule, I prefer BIG dogs. Think labs, bernese mountain dogs, great pyrenees, etc... but, seeing as how we live in a rather small condo I'm thinking a big dog won't work....and, I don't want to wait another 3 years till we move to get puppy. So, I'm thinking maybe I could handle a little dog and I'm trying to convince Ben that little dogs can be fun too. I'm thinking one of these two:
King Charles Spaniel

French Bulldog {I'd name him something French, like Franc or something!}

Do any of you have these breeds? What do you think?

Monday, January 11

decorating inspiration

i've been scouring the web for decorating inspiration. i like so many different styles that it's hard to choose a look and stick with it! here are some rooms i'm loving (all from decor pad)

just realized that none of these rooms have much color...hmmmm. and they all have tan/cream curtains. i was going to go with yellow curtains in the living room, but maybe i should just stick with cream.

do you all stick with one style, like modern or traditional? or do you mix and match?

Friday, January 8

weekend project

ben is hanging the tv right now. this required us to pull the cable up through the wall and to run it along the wall to the other wall...that sounds confusing. but we couldn't run it in the ceiling, soooo in order to get it to the wall with the door you see in the pic we have to tack it up against the ceiling... and to hide the cable we are putting up crown molding. ohh the joys of owning a home! haha. i love weekend crafty/handy projects! i'll share pics when we are done tomorrow!
have a great friday night!

Thursday, January 7

tweet me!

i've joined the new decade and joined twitter. well, actually, i already had it so i could stalk the rest of ya'll. but now i'm actually tweeting! link is to the right!

Wednesday, January 6

ben wants to be him

have ya'll caught the show "man vs. wild"? it is just that...WILD. ben always has it on so i find myself watching it often. i just saw him rip the head of a live little lizard and eat it. yummy. ben just told me he wanted to be him and "run all nimbly bimbily through the forest." ha.

Tuesday, January 5

LAST first day of school EVER

today is my very last First day of school...EVER! SO happy about this! But, in case any of you are feeling like your life is crappy... take a look at my class schedule this semester:
1. Employment Law = LAME
2. Debtor/Creditor Law = learn about people who owe a lot of money
3. Estate and Gift Tax = more tax...ugh
4. Legal History = learn about people who are dead
5. Copyright Law = learn about people who are dead

Not ONE of these classes interests me. gag.