Friday, November 30

36 hours in NYC

Ben is working up north, so we were able to drive into NYC when I flew up to visit him for Thanksgiving. It was a whirlwind trip! We had lots to see in the short 36 hours we had up there! Ben had never been before, and I hadn't been since like elementary school. His first time in the subway was fun :) LOL he kept referencing "Home Alone 2" bahaha! We got there Wednesday evening, checked into the hotel and then headed out. First we went to the financial district and then hit up a little bar for some happy hour beverages. After that we moseyed on over to Little Italy for a delicious pizza dinner. We were pooped after dinner and made our way back to the hotel to get some sleep.

We were up bright and early Thursday morning to head out and see the parade. Holly moly, ya'll! It was SO crowded, but super cool to see it in person! I've always watched on TV from home, and IRL those balloons are gigantic. Being super short I didn't get to see anything much besides the balloons, no seeing the street-level action from my vantage point! We ran around the city all day and were sure to check out central park. After getting changed we went to Benjamin Steakhouse for Thanksgiving dinner and ended up sitting next to the nicest couple from Texas. We had such a great time! 

After stopping in for a nightcap at The Campbell Apartment (thanks for the suggestion, Britt!) , we went on back to the hotel exhausted! We did see someone famous there...the redheaded girl who always plays the bff or supporting role - she was the assistant in "The Wedding Planner" and the friend in "27 Dresses." So, yea...kinda famous! ha! 

Friday morning we walked through Central Park to Laduree, stopped in David Yurman and Jimmy Choo, then headed back to the hotel to check out. It was a quick, busy and fun trip! If Ben ends up working in the Northeast through the spring, I hope we will get to make another visit to the city! 

Wednesday, November 28

Graphic Image Datebook Giveaway!!

Tis' the season for gift buying and planning for the upcoming new year! A gorgeous Graphic Image 2013 datebook is a great gift for the busy person in your life and for yourself also! Add it to your wish list ;)

They come packaged all pretty in a buttery yellow box - ready to gift! Seriously, these are the prettiest planners. I wanted something professional but still pretty, so I ordered the blue croc with gold initials! I went ahead and got my new initials, seeing as how we will be married in 2013.

Graphic Image is giving away a datebook to one lucky reader! The size and leather is your choice. Just leave me a comment on this post and tell me what style and color you would can see them all right here. Giveaway closes next Wednesday at midnight, and I will announce the winner next Thursday 12/6! (You must be a follower of Just Lovely to win)

Tuesday, November 20

See ya' next week!

Be back next week... Have a fabulous and safe Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Although I will be away from my family, I am grateful to be spending this weekend with my Ben :)

Wednesday, November 14

WWW - Our Band

It's Wednesday again! That means another addition of Wade Wedding Wednesday! I thought I would share with you all our band. We just booked Soul Explosion this week and I'm SO thrilled! I've heard such great things about them and I think they are sure to get people up on the dance floor enjoying the reception! I wanted a band that would play only Motown and oldies and Soul Explosion's song list is extensive and really captures what I am going for. Plus, they will add a couple of songs that I'm requesting for our first dance and father/daughter dance (more on that later).

Fun, no?!

Oh and PS - If you will notice on the right sidebar...we are officially past the 200 day mark! 199 and counting :)

Tuesday, November 13

the black house

A cursory glance at my Pinterest board "Curb Appeal" would show you that my ideal home is painted a pristine light color with dark shutters accented with lush landscaping. But, as of late I've found myself falling for a richer, darker version of this color combo. I'm dreaming of a black house with light trim. What do you think? Too crazy? 

Tuesday, November 6

the dreaded diet

Planning a wedding is fun, overwhelming at times, but for the most part all enjoyable. There are decisions that may be hard to make, costs you don't want to stomach, and family pressures...but picking out pretty dresses and flowers, tasting yummy cakes and attending all the events leading up to the wedding are something I have and do look forward to. Something I'm not looking forward to? The dreaded wedding diet. We are just past the 7 month mark, so I'm planning on getting on the band wagon soon. I've been going to Pure Barre regularly since February, but have recently taken a bit of break. I'm ready to add something new to the regime. I'm thinking about getting a personal trainer and someone to help me with meal planning. Ideally I'd go to a trainer 2x a week and pure barre 2x a week until about 3 months before the wedding. At that point, I hope to be down the actual weight I want to drop, and just work on toning - which I will do by going to Pure Barre.

My biggest obstacle is eating right. I don't cook often and usually just grab a can of soup for lunch and fix something like a sandwich for dinner. What was your pre-wedding diet and/or exercise plan Anything that worked or didn't? Just good old fashioned healthy eating and regular exercise?

Thursday, November 1

Dear Christmas

Dear Christmas, Thanksgiving called and wants is moment in the spotlight back!

What is UP with people switching right into Christmas mode following Halloween? Have we forgotten all about that lovely little holiday of Thanksgiving?! Who doesn't love a day off work, a day whose primary purpose is delicious food recognizing and giving thanks for our many blessings!? This post is for poor little ol' Thanksgiving, the holiday that gets shoved aside by that limelight hogging Christmas holiday.

One of my favorite ideas for the next holiday~ "The Thankful Tree" from Simply Vintage Girl

This looks easy enough to recreate. Collect thin branches from the yard, place in a mason jar or vase, cut 2" circles of scrapbook paper and hole punch each one. Guests can write something they are thankful for on each of the tree's "leaves" at your Thanksgiving gathering, or have your kids write one thing they are thankful for each day of November leading up to the time the holiday rolls around, you will have a tree full of blessings!