Friday, November 30

36 hours in NYC

Ben is working up north, so we were able to drive into NYC when I flew up to visit him for Thanksgiving. It was a whirlwind trip! We had lots to see in the short 36 hours we had up there! Ben had never been before, and I hadn't been since like elementary school. His first time in the subway was fun :) LOL he kept referencing "Home Alone 2" bahaha! We got there Wednesday evening, checked into the hotel and then headed out. First we went to the financial district and then hit up a little bar for some happy hour beverages. After that we moseyed on over to Little Italy for a delicious pizza dinner. We were pooped after dinner and made our way back to the hotel to get some sleep.

We were up bright and early Thursday morning to head out and see the parade. Holly moly, ya'll! It was SO crowded, but super cool to see it in person! I've always watched on TV from home, and IRL those balloons are gigantic. Being super short I didn't get to see anything much besides the balloons, no seeing the street-level action from my vantage point! We ran around the city all day and were sure to check out central park. After getting changed we went to Benjamin Steakhouse for Thanksgiving dinner and ended up sitting next to the nicest couple from Texas. We had such a great time! 

After stopping in for a nightcap at The Campbell Apartment (thanks for the suggestion, Britt!) , we went on back to the hotel exhausted! We did see someone famous there...the redheaded girl who always plays the bff or supporting role - she was the assistant in "The Wedding Planner" and the friend in "27 Dresses." So, yea...kinda famous! ha! 

Friday morning we walked through Central Park to Laduree, stopped in David Yurman and Jimmy Choo, then headed back to the hotel to check out. It was a quick, busy and fun trip! If Ben ends up working in the Northeast through the spring, I hope we will get to make another visit to the city! 


Mrs. HaHa said...

I would do anything for some Laduree right now, yum!

Danielle said...

Sounds like you got a lot done in 36 hours! Seeing the parade in person is on my list of things I'd love to do. I've heard that the people on in the front row on the street practically sleep there the night before in order to get their spots. Not sure I want to see it that badly!

Kristin said...

super jealous! love NY!

Jill said...

I LOVE these pictures! I'm itching for a quick trip to NYC right now! When we lived in CT, I realllllly wanted to go see the Macy's parade but just never bit the bullet. Maybe one day ;) You packed it in for such a short trip, good for you!!!

Tess said...

You two are so freaking cute!! I'm glad you were able to sneak away from a short trip to NYC. With all of the wedding planning I'm sure you're going through - hopefully you were able to put it on the back burner and just enjoy your time with your fiance!

Glitterista said...

Too funny--I sat next to the same woman (Judy Greer) at happy hour a few weeks ago! She must travel a ton. ;)

Love all of the fun pictures of you two in New York!