Sunday, August 30

i LOVE this bed

i forget where i pulled this from but i freaking LOVE this bed!! hmmm...maybe i can talk ben into a pink duvet!?

Friday, August 28

chair facelift

i found this chair a couple of weeks ago at a kind of
furniture consignment shop

i thought it had some potential...

so i painted it black and ordered some new fabric....

and this is what it looks like now!

i got the fabric from this etsy shop
cute, no?! once we get into our new condo i'll be sure to show pics!

have a wonderful weekend ya'll!!

Wednesday, August 26

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today I am 24. I will be celebrating by spending the day in boring law school classes in classrooms with no windows. but as a little gift to myself, i'll be skipping my last class (and yes, its only the second week of school) so that i can make it home in time to go out to dinner with the fam! be back tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 25

i know its dorky, but...

i LOVE this song!!

Vineyard Shower

pic of the vineyard

the soon to be Smiths

weren't these centerpieces pretty?!

ben and i didn't get any good pics so i won't share any of those!! i've got to go on a diet! i look fat in all the pics!!

Saturday, August 22

i hope the weather holds up bc i've got a wedding shower at a vineyard this afternoon! i'm excited!

Wednesday, August 19

currently loving...

how pretty are these?!? i found Hettle's etsy shop via oh hello friend. & they are really reasonably priced!! cute cute!

i need to rant...

1. i HATE it when i can hear people chewing. its like the most annoying thing EVER!

2. on monday (the first day of class) my professor decided to call me out... and no, i hadn't read. i hadn't got my books in the mail yet. well, i still haven't...and if that b**** calls me out again i am not going to be happy.

Tuesday, August 18


Its almost football time in the bluegrass!!!
and that means lots of time spent here:

so i picked up a few inexpensive blue and white pieces to wear to games!

i ordered them online from forever21 so we will see how well i actually like them once they arrive. if you're a UK fan forever21 is a good place to check out bc they always have a lot of royal blue items there!

Monday, August 17

Sunday, August 16


i found this recipe at baked perfection and gave it a try tonight! they were sooo good and easy to make...give them a try! ben liked that there were more "edges" because they were made in muffin cups!
{pictures from her blog}

Wednesday, August 12


Heidi Clair posted this pic the other day on her blog and I seriously love that mirror! Have you all seen anything like it anywhere? I have no idea where to find one. I was thinking that if I couldn't find one similar that I could try to make one, but I'm not sure of what to use to make the circles and semi-circles. I could make just one larger mirror (as opposed to the two in the pic) and I'd make it less worn looking. Ya'll have any ideas?

EDIT: Thanks so much to Steady As I Go for filling me in on where to find the fab mirror! It is from Shades of Light and you can find it here!!!

Tuesday, August 11

next DIY project

I really want to try making one of these cake toppers. aren't they the cutest things ever?! now i just need an occasion!

found this one on someone's blog...can't remember. anyone know?

these two are from lollipop workshop on etsy

Monday, August 10


my classes start a week from today. i'm less than thrilled. but...fall bring UK football games, Keeneland and crisp nights, so I can't complain too much! plus (god willing) this is my LAST year of school EVER!!! yay!

Friday, August 7

designer fabric

For those of you who buy fabric, where do you buy "designer" fabric? I don't think there is anywhere in Lexington to buy it so I've been looking online. Do you all have any good resources? what designers do you recommend? I'd love to find some zigzag fabric like the pillow below.

amy butler fabrics from esty
pillow from here

Thursday, August 6

A big Congrats to my good friend Mary Katherine who got engaged last night! SO happy for her!

Monday, August 3

R&J's Couples Shower

Yesterday Ben and I went a shower for some of our friends! The weather was perfect and I'm excited for all the other wedding events they have coming up.
the happy couple!
bride-to-be and me
ben and me