Tuesday, August 25

Vineyard Shower

pic of the vineyard

the soon to be Smiths

weren't these centerpieces pretty?!

ben and i didn't get any good pics so i won't share any of those!! i've got to go on a diet! i look fat in all the pics!!


Lil' Woman said...

Beautiful centerpieces! :)

BRD said...

I seriously doubt that you look fat in the pics - impossible!

The centerpieces are gorgeous - I especially love the second one!

--DC Prep

sarah said...

Those centerpieces are amazing!

Kassie said...

I love those centerpieces!!

CTB said...

Those centerpieces are gorgeous! I know how you feel about the picture thing. I thought I'd get some really cute end of summer pics with my husband last weekend at the lake. Well, I looked like a fatty moo moo! Time for a diet!