Wednesday, August 12


Heidi Clair posted this pic the other day on her blog and I seriously love that mirror! Have you all seen anything like it anywhere? I have no idea where to find one. I was thinking that if I couldn't find one similar that I could try to make one, but I'm not sure of what to use to make the circles and semi-circles. I could make just one larger mirror (as opposed to the two in the pic) and I'd make it less worn looking. Ya'll have any ideas?

EDIT: Thanks so much to Steady As I Go for filling me in on where to find the fab mirror! It is from Shades of Light and you can find it here!!!


BRD said...

Hmmm...maybe try Ballard Designs. They have similar mirrors. Good luck!

--DC Prep

the future mrs Hinz said...

you always find such great things!!! i love it but would have no clue on how to make one. good luck!

pineapple said...

Wow, I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I found this mirror (and have been drooling over it) back in January. It was made by "Shades of Light" - but apparently isn't being made anymore since it is no longer on their website? It was called the "Silver Circles Mirror" - so hopefully you can find it online somewhere else? Good luck (it's so lovely)

Kassie said...

That mirror is gorgeous!!