Wednesday, July 29

i hate moving

my lease at my apartment in louisville is up this month and that means time to move! moving sucks. i have moved every year since college - and twice freshman year because after first semester i moved from the dorm to the theta house. thats SEVEN times. and several of those times i had to move stuff to my moms or to storage and then later move it to my new house/apartment.

anyways sorry for complaining but i've been busy packing today and have to get it all moved out by friday.

and i wanted to wish my little sister a happy 21st birthday today!! she was nice enough to go up to louisville with me on her birthday to help me pack! love you sissy!

Monday, July 27


Are you all familiar with DecorPad? I recently came across the site and it is chock full of inspiration! You can even bookmark rooms you love after you sign up for an account! I just wish there were sources for where to get some of the items...Here are some of the looks I'm loving:

I love the pendant light here as well as the built-ins.
Love how this room feels so light and fresh!

and how light and airy this room is too.
Loving the window treatments here and the contrast of the darks and lights.
I pretty much love all of this! and so festive!

Sunday, July 26

i'm home

well i'm back from nashville! it was fun...but i forgot to bring my camera. actually i got it out to put in my purse and somehow it got lost! ugh. so no pictures to share :( carrie was amazing and sounds exactly as she does on her cds. clay walker was also there and he was just as good!
hope you all had a great weekend! be back tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 22

look what i found!

pretty close to the pottery barn one i love, huh?!! its a little more gray than the picture and i'm loving the color! (don't mind the hideous throw pillows)...for $599 it must to be mine! i found it here!

Tuesday, July 21


My friend Rebecca's fiance surprised her with a trip to Nashville for her birthday and I'm going along! We are staying right in the middle of everything and he got us tickets to see Carrie Underwood! I've never been to Nashville before so I'm excited! Any suggestions on places to go while we are there this weekend??

Sunday, July 19

furniture and paint colors

i've started looking for things for the condo ... (hope I don't jinx it!) ... we need a new couch and chairs. why are couches so dang expensive?? i really love this one from pottery barn...

but its like $1,500. i think not. so, i'm on the search for a sofa i love that i can afford!

but i think i'm liking this duvet and bed linens from p.b. i think i want to do some neutral colors in the bedroom. maybe a beige/grey in the living room, soft blue in the kitchen and eating area and then a creamy color in the bedroom. idk. maybe i should do the blue in the bedroom and keep the main living areas neutral? the place is small. i'm talking about 700 square feet, so i don't want there to be too many colors on the walls.

do you all have any suggestions on where to buy a reasonably priced couch?

Friday, July 17

DIY project

I found these cute personalized canvases on etsy and had to try making them! they sell for $70 (for 5) and I made mine for $5!!

from THIS etsy shop

Here is how mine turned out...

Tuesday, July 14

birthday party re-cap

Sorry I'm late on this, but I was sick Sunday and Monday...feeling better now!

Logan's (my nephew) 2nd birthday party went well! He was soooo cute and had a ton of fun!!

the only picture the birthday boy and I took together

one of his birthday gifts from me - step stool i made him
i bought an unfinished stool at Michael's and painted it, and hot glued these little wooden figures on the sides - Easy!

he got a ton of new toys! here he is playing with his new car.
cake topper i made. i bought this dino from Michael's and painted him up and hot glued tooth pics to the back of his legs so he would stand up in the cake.
mmm funfetti cake!

i need to work on my cake writing skills!
favor bags i made for the guests. i got plain little white paper bags, again from Michael's (love that place!!), and filled them with candy. I folded down the tops of the bags and folded the little green strips of paper over them then ran them through the sewing machine. i found these little dinosaur stickers on clearance for 47¢!

I sewed this birthday banner ... haha it was my first time trying to do seams...they are a bit uneven but i think it turned out cute! i just made little pockets to run the wooden dowels through and tied a ribbon to them. i think i'm going to trim it up and make it a pillow case for him to keep.

playing with one of his new toys! the "2" t-shirt i made him to wear!
he is such a sports lover! i see lots of summers at the ball park in our future!

logan and his mommy

I love being the family party planner! do you all plan your family parties?!

Friday, July 10

Hey ya'll! I've been busy getting ready for little Logan's 2nd birthday party tomorrow! I have been doing lots of fun painting and sewing. Be back soon with pictures....

I don't remember where I pulled this one from but isn't it dreamy! {Sigh}

Thursday, July 9

Hang Ten

BLC from The Company She Keeps tagged me to play Hang Ten...I'm supposed to list ten "unknown" things about myself. 
  1. I burp a lot, and really loudly. I'm kind of known for it. (Gross to some... I know!)
  2. I'm afraid of fire. I only recently used a lighter for the first time ever. Puts my hand way too close to the flame. (Good thing I'm not a smoker)
  3. My dream is to own a high end wedding boutique...Maybe some day. 
  4. I have over 60 wedding related websites bookmarked. I'm wedding obsessed and not even engaged! 
  5. I have an older brother. People are always surprised to learn this. I guess I don't talk about him often, he and I don't have much in common. 
  6. I despise fake nails. HATE them. Acrylic french manicure = DATED. (IMHO)
  7. Soup is my favorite food. All kinds. 
  8. I'm rather low maintenance. I'm embarrassed to admit that a lot of times I get my hair trimmed at Super Cuts. 
  9. I've been considering highlighting my hair. I will NOT be going to Super Cuts for that! ha. My inspiration is Paisley and Pearls - Love her hair color!  
  10. I started clerking for a small firm today! I'll be there the rest of the summer and I think it will be very interesting and I hope I learn a lot! 
I Pick Pretty - She is rather mysterious and I'm dying to learn more! 

Wednesday, July 8

Ben and I put an offer in on a condo today! If all goes as planned we will close on Aug. 21st! So excited!!! 

Monday, July 6

I've been sewing! & the 4th

well, the 4th was fun. the morning was nice and we all had a great time watching the race downtown. then ben and i went downtown with some family and watched the parade. it turned rainy but we all still managed to have a good time.

Logan with my mom. He is wearing the shirt I made him! Yea, I've been sewing. It was my first project. it was harder than i thought it would be, but i'm getting better!
cousin bill and me downtown at the KY Ale stand.

i make ben a sign every year for the race
my runner! (the shirtless one on the left)

see i am getting better! pillow case i made bc i wanted to practice sewing on the machine.
haha shirt i made for logan!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! Logan's 2nd birthday is next week - I'm planning a party for him this weekend! Dinosaurs! 

A Big Thank You!

Thank you, thank you to Melissa at Create The Life You Love for hosting the giveaway that I won!! I won a book that I can't wait to start reading, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Melissa also sent me some adorable stationary and book plate stickers!! 
How cute!? {sorry for the crap blackberry picture!}

The monogrammed stationary she sent me is similar to this personalized note pad.

Melissa has an Etsy shop MCC Designs. Her work is so classic! 

Thank You!

Wednesday, July 1

We have a WINNER!

Well ya'll there were 203 entries in the giveaway and Ben and I took a while writing everyones names down on little strips of paper (there has to be an easier way!) and my cousin drew a name out of a basket and the winner is...
Britney from Dave and Brit Plus One! Hers was one of the first blogs I started reading and I'm so excited for her to have won! 

Thank you all so much for entering!