Monday, February 28

sleepy weekend

I was sad to see the weekend end :( I got in a lot of naps and a lot of good (unhealthy) food! Probably need to add some exercise in there too...opps. Seriously though, I've been sooooo lethargic lately, and I'd be willing to bet my laziness is one of the reasons. I can't wait for spring to arrive so I can begin walking and jogging outside again, daily.

Friday night Ben and  I had dinner with Mr.& Mrs. D. I did take a pic but Brittany made Ben delete it (boo), so no photo to share....I was in bed by 10pm.

Saturday I slept in late then lounged around and watched Lifetime movies, then took a nap. SO great not having to spend my Saturday studying! Later Ben and I met up with several friends to watch the UK v. FL game at O'Neils. Then I went home and slept until about 10, watched the Amanda Knox movie...and then slept some more. See, told ya I did a lot of sleeping!

Sunday I met my fave lady lawyer and her husband and new baby for brunch at Doodles.
Me and Alex...the BEST baby ever. He was sooo quiet and attentive.

I headed over to Britt's to catch the tail end of our first book club meeting. I hadn't read the book bc I was busy reading study materials, but I'm pumped for our next read Water for Elephants. Have you all read it?

Then my mom and I went to the Kentucky Theater to see The Kings Speech. Love the Kentucky and the movie was wonderful! You have to go see it! Then guess what I did?!?! Yep! Took a nap!

To top of the weekend, Ben and I made tortilla soup and cleaned up the house a bit while watching the Oscars. My fave looks? These lovely ladies:

I think this would be beautiful for a vintage wedding...but in cream, not pinkish-nude.

So there you have it. A play-by-play of my weekend. Just what you always wanted! ha! Hope ya'll had a great weekend too...did you get any naps in?!

Friday, February 25

bb loves

Good news! I know a bunch of us blackberry users on twitter were bummed that all the iphone peeps were able to find super cute, personalized cases for their iphones, and there weren't any out there for us! Well, looky what I came across! Monogram cases that fit your blackberry. Find them at Layla Grayce....

I'm ordering the navy with a pink skript monogram!

Thursday, February 17


my horoscope was creepy on target today!...

Tensions have been building and something has to give. Even if you are resisting the change, now you are becoming increasingly ready for an energetic shift. You cannot push this transition; it still will take a while to play on through. But at least you know where the problems are and have an idea on how to go about resolving them. For now, it's best to work through all the scenarios in your imagination without committing to one specific path, until you see how the circumstances unfold.

and this one on another site...(cue creepy music)...
You may find yourself starting this year off feeling a little disorganized or butting heads with some form of obstacle that keeps you from completing a project and falling short of your goals. Some of you may feel you have worked really hard to achieve success and have received little or no recognition. Well cheer up……You will have to expand more effort than usual but will eventually achieve your desired results.

Five days left to study..

Tuesday, February 8

loving this

Love this DIY headboard Heavens to Betsy made. I want a monogram headboard!! Ben and I need to hurry up and get married so I can get our monogram on things! BWK...cute!
Love this quote from her blog as well...
"A monogram makes something your own and endows it with weight in a world full of random things"- Isaac Mizrahi

Monday, February 7

add it to the list

Since I can't have a real one, can I have this? So pretty, love Herend figurines! 

Friday, February 4

don't hate me...

...but, I think these are hilarious!...

I came across this gem of an article in The Huffington Post. I've been reading the divorce section ever since Miss. Fab directed me to the site in a recent post of hers.

"Kids Draw Their Parents' Splits: Postcards From Splitsville Chronicles Childrens' Divorce Pain" {I've added in titles to the drawings for your viewing pleasure}

 "The crying eyeball"
 "Depression hurts commercial"
 "The ransom note"
 "Talk to the hand"
"dot dot dot"

Have I ever mentioned that I want to practice family law? I want to be a divorce attorney. I think I'll be good at it :)

And I will certainly pepper the walls of my office with inspiring artwork like that above...may be a good hint for my clients who are parents!

Tuesday, February 1

just so you know...

swamped with bar prep, my job, junior league, and everything else...will be back to blogging once i have something more fun than a huge stack of flashcards to share with ya'll...