Monday, February 28

sleepy weekend

I was sad to see the weekend end :( I got in a lot of naps and a lot of good (unhealthy) food! Probably need to add some exercise in there too...opps. Seriously though, I've been sooooo lethargic lately, and I'd be willing to bet my laziness is one of the reasons. I can't wait for spring to arrive so I can begin walking and jogging outside again, daily.

Friday night Ben and  I had dinner with Mr.& Mrs. D. I did take a pic but Brittany made Ben delete it (boo), so no photo to share....I was in bed by 10pm.

Saturday I slept in late then lounged around and watched Lifetime movies, then took a nap. SO great not having to spend my Saturday studying! Later Ben and I met up with several friends to watch the UK v. FL game at O'Neils. Then I went home and slept until about 10, watched the Amanda Knox movie...and then slept some more. See, told ya I did a lot of sleeping!

Sunday I met my fave lady lawyer and her husband and new baby for brunch at Doodles.
Me and Alex...the BEST baby ever. He was sooo quiet and attentive.

I headed over to Britt's to catch the tail end of our first book club meeting. I hadn't read the book bc I was busy reading study materials, but I'm pumped for our next read Water for Elephants. Have you all read it?

Then my mom and I went to the Kentucky Theater to see The Kings Speech. Love the Kentucky and the movie was wonderful! You have to go see it! Then guess what I did?!?! Yep! Took a nap!

To top of the weekend, Ben and I made tortilla soup and cleaned up the house a bit while watching the Oscars. My fave looks? These lovely ladies:

I think this would be beautiful for a vintage wedding...but in cream, not pinkish-nude.

So there you have it. A play-by-play of my weekend. Just what you always wanted! ha! Hope ya'll had a great weekend too...did you get any naps in?!


That's Sassy said...

No naps in hehe but I did love Water for Elephants!! And the Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson movie of it will be coming out soon!

MCAnnaD said...

I just bought Water for Elephants and can't wait to read it!!

DrayaAnn said...

I loved Water for Elephants. I just read it too fast cause I had to know what was going to happen in it. I saw the trailer for the movie as well and it looks really good.
ps. i'm sooo jealous of all your napping...sounds so wonderful!

melissa said...

Loved Water for Elephants and The King's Speech! Sounds like a great weekend!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I think I'm going to try to start WFE tonight. I'm super excited about it. :)
Sorry I deleted the pic. It was ugly. Very. I rarely delete a me, it was necessary.
Sounds like an awesome weekend. I'm jealous of all the sleeping.
Didn't you looove Kings Speech? Colin Firth was awesome!!!

Jocelyn said...

afternoon naps are the best! :)

Home and Nom said...

i watched the amanda knox movie. just like the craigslist killer movie on lifetime was... i thought the foxy knoxy film was kind of a letdown. lazy weekends are the best.


Hilary Lane said...

I read Water for Elephants and loved it!

Brandi Lewis King said...

You can so appreciate having your time back after bar review hell! We had a great time with you all at brunch. We will have to do it again soon.

Colleen Sullivan said...

Hi! I'm a new follower! I found your blog in CA Wife's blog.

Can't wait to see Water for Elephants. I really want to read the book first though!