Friday, March 30

:( what is this?!

I've had a couple of people tell me that when they come to this site this warning pops up. Have any of you seen it too? Any idea what I can do about it?!

Wednesday, March 28

new china cabinet & fine china registry

I bought this antique china cabinet the other day. Isn't it pretty?! I can't wait to fill it with gorgeous china after the wedding!! (for now I just placed my ironstone and random things inside).

Right now it is painted light blue, I'm not sure if I will refinish it the natural wood tone or not...I could potentially do a dining room in blues and creams. See these inspiration rooms from pinterest:

Did you all register for fine china? I will be getting my grandmother's china, which is simple and timeless and I love it! However, I think I want to register for some salad plates, in my own pattern, as well as some serving pieces. I'm 90% sure I'm going to go with Royal Crown Derby - Blue Aves.

My grandmother's china, which my mother will be passing down to me, is Lenox Imperial. It will be so special to set our holiday (and hopefully more often than that) table with her china. I was never able to meet her and it's like having a bit of her there...The off white color in the Lenox and the Blue Aves match perfectly and the gold rim on the Blue Aves salad plates will compliment the Lenox beautifully!

The salad plates I would register for:
I think I need the teacups and saucers too!

What do you all think? What patterns did you register for? Or did you receive family china as well?

Monday, March 26

hair must-have!

I told ya'll I'd let you know if any of the products that came in my March Birchbox were must-have items...and this hair powder certainly is! As a brunette, hair powder can be kind of tricky, you don't want to look like you dumped baby powder on your head! This organic powder from LULU is awesome! It smells great and soaks up all the excess oil in your hair and on your scalp. But best of all, it absorbs completely and leaves no trace of powder behind!

Sunday, March 25

Spring Bouquet Wreaths!

I made these two wreaths for a fellow Junior Leaguer for her double front doors!

Thursday, March 22

Crappy Morning...need a laugh

I've had a crappy morning...but this video always makes me laugh out loud! I want a baby panda!!

Wednesday, March 21

Nameplate Necklace

I'm sure you all know of BaubleBar, right?! I saw today that they just came out with acrylic name pendant necklaces...similar to the monogram ones everyone and their mother sport.

I think these are especially cute because you can get other words on them as well as names. Ben calls me "Woobie" which all of our friends call both of us now...I think it would be hilarious to get that on one!

And a lil' spin on the Kate Spade "Mrs" necklace, wouldn't a pink Mrs nameplate necklace be a cute gift for the bride to be in your life?! I want one! Solves the monogram issues I've had too, whether or not to order anything monogrammed until after my name changes!

Aren't they adorable?! They are $62 and take about 4 weeks. 

Do you all remember getting these made at theme parks or the mall back in the day? I still have a little gold "Katherine" one that I found the last time my mom moved! 

Friday, March 16

March Burchbox

March's Birchbox was awesome! I received an acne clearing facial cream, 2 tea samples, eyeshadow samples, perfume, a great minty nail polish and a dry shampoo! Can't wait to give all these products a try! If any of them are great, I'll let ya know!

Sign up HERE for $10 a month! 

Monday, March 12

SB 2012!

All the college kids are OOT on their spring we decided to take over our old college haunt Two Keys! What was supposed to be an outing to watch the game at 1, turned into like a 6 hour escapade pretending were once again young! Who needs Ft. Lauderdale??... we had SB 2012 in Lex on Saturday! Fun times with some of my fave ppl!! It was sunny and in the 60s...Spring has arrived!!!

Friday, March 9

Booked! (& GO CATS!)

So excited! I finally pulled the trigger and chose a photographer for our engagement pictures in Charleston. Charlotte Elizabeth! Can't wait! We are going down the last weekend of April. It's been far too long since I've visited my favorite (US) city...can not wait to be emerged in the beauty that is everywhere in Charleston. Also so looking forward to seeing one of my best friends, Alissa... Haven't seen her in forever!!!

All photos borrowed from Charlotte's BLOG. Isn't she wonderful!?

Have a great weekend, ya'll! and...GO CATS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 6

engagement pics outfits

What do you all think of this Yoana Baraschi dress for our engagement pictures? I'm thinking I'll do one dress and also a cute top with jeans. Is the dress classic enough? Or will I look back and think "why on earth did I wear that?!"

I do love the look of brunettes in black for engagement pics, see below.

(totally love this chick's hair too!)

Still on the look out. Any suggestions?! Ideas?! We are getting them taken in May in Charleston, SC. So it will likely be kinda warm. We will be downtown among the historic homes and buildings as well as on the water and probably find some live oaks to take some shots by too.

Monday, March 5

how I weathered the weekend & how to help

It was pretty crazy here in Kentucky this past weekend! Friday the whole city practically shut down for Stormageddon. We didn't get anything more than some hail here in Lexington, but other parts of the state were totally devastated by tornadoes. The images are just haunting. So many lost so much....The news coverage has been difficult to watch, but there have also been some inspiring stories of survival and generosity too.

(this was from a security camera in West Liberty)

For those of you who are local, I encourage you to donate what you can. I know S&S Tire is making a donation run to West Liberty on Friday with several trailers full of emergency supplies to the area. If you would like to donate and are looking for an avenue to do so, you can drop them at the warehouse location, 1475 Jingle Bell Lane in Lexington before Friday, March 9, 2012, so it can be loaded on the trailers before they head to West Liberty.  

The best things to donate are cleaning supplies, non perishable food items (canned goods, oatmeal, crackers, pasta, canned tuna, chicken, salmon, and peanut butter are some examples), personal care items, toilet tissue, and paper towels.  

If you have clothing or blankets that you are willing to donate please be sure clothes and blankets are clean, in excellent condition and please put them in boxes or heavy trash bags for transport.  The people of West Liberty have been devastated by the tornado that swept through their town on Friday March 2, 2012 and will be trying to rebuild for many months to come.  Your support will be greatly appreciated!

As for the rest of you, if you would like to help you can of course donate to the Red Cross...

It has truly been a crazy weekend, weather wise. Friday it was nearly 70 degrees, and this morning we woke up to 4 to 6 inches of snow. Only in Kentucky! Tomorrow? It is forecasted to be 56 and sunny...

(I shamelessly stole these pics from friends' Facebook pages)

I hit up two grand openings of local businesses this weekend. SWEAT is a boutique fitness studio that offers rowing classes and barre cardio classes. Their cocktail party was Thursday night and it was a blast! They had some  delish (and quite cute) champagne jello shots. I am going to have to give this a try, simple enough I suppose. Found the recipe on Pinterest. We went out to watch the basketball game after...Friday morning was a wee bit rough!

(ummmm I need a tan in the worst way...sick)

Saturday was the Blossom grand's a super cute children's and maternity boutique in Chevy Chase. Seeing as how I don't have a kid, you can imagine that I went for the free cocktails and appetizers!! And the appetizers were seriously worth the trip, so good! I need to copy some of their ideas for upcoming showers. They even served raspberry sorbet in teeny tiny cones with a itty bitty fried pickles on top! Get it?! So cute for a baby shower!

Hope you all had great weekends! Please pray for all of those who are suffering from this weekend's storms and help if you can!

Thursday, March 1

springy pucker

Jouer Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink. I got a sample of this in my January Birchbox and loved it so much I ordered the larger size. It looks super hot pink, but once you put it on its not so shocking. It definitely gives you a bright punch of color, but in a wearable sheer. Perfect for spring! Plus the mid-size (2.3 ml) is only $8!