Wednesday, March 28

new china cabinet & fine china registry

I bought this antique china cabinet the other day. Isn't it pretty?! I can't wait to fill it with gorgeous china after the wedding!! (for now I just placed my ironstone and random things inside).

Right now it is painted light blue, I'm not sure if I will refinish it the natural wood tone or not...I could potentially do a dining room in blues and creams. See these inspiration rooms from pinterest:

Did you all register for fine china? I will be getting my grandmother's china, which is simple and timeless and I love it! However, I think I want to register for some salad plates, in my own pattern, as well as some serving pieces. I'm 90% sure I'm going to go with Royal Crown Derby - Blue Aves.

My grandmother's china, which my mother will be passing down to me, is Lenox Imperial. It will be so special to set our holiday (and hopefully more often than that) table with her china. I was never able to meet her and it's like having a bit of her there...The off white color in the Lenox and the Blue Aves match perfectly and the gold rim on the Blue Aves salad plates will compliment the Lenox beautifully!

The salad plates I would register for:
I think I need the teacups and saucers too!

What do you all think? What patterns did you register for? Or did you receive family china as well?


Legally Fabulous said...

My mom's family is poor rednecks and she doesn't have any china to pass down, so I will definitely have to register! My mom has some weird crystal plates that even she hates... I'm not sure if she got them for a wedding gift or what but every time we have to use them at Thanksgiving or Christmas she gets pissed at me for not reminding her to buy nice dishes. Ha.
Ditto to no silver - her "nice" place settings are plated and ugly.

Danielle said...

I LOVE your china cabinet find. I personally love the baby blue, it adds some charm to it. I love your Grandmother's china (I inherited my Grandmother's too - my dad got it for her when he was in Vietnam!). I love it and I love that I'm able to incorporate it with my more modern china. Good luck!

P!nky said...

what a gorgeous china cabinet, so beautiful! Whatever china you choose will be fabulous!!!!


Annie said...

Love those blue and white plates! Necessary!

I'm getting my mom's china and then we just registered for Kate Spade Wickford for our every day. I'm excited!

Texan Couture said...

Love your china cabinet. I'm receiving my grandmothers china but I will register for accent pieces as well just to make the set my own.

Kate said...

Love your China Cabinet - where did you find it? My fiance really wants antique blue and white plates, but I couldn't find them at Macy's. Do you know where would be a good place to register for them?

Glitterista said...

Love this post as we have been going in circles around whether or not to register. Many of my friends did not, and one poor friend only received pieces from my parents so she had a lot to add on her own! We do have a few family sets, but I have my eye on a monogrammed set at Williams-Sonoma, or something blue and white. I love the idea of registering for a few of those gorgeous Royal Crown Derby pieces to mix with your grandmothers' timeless pattern.

L.Caroline said...

I received family china, too, and am currently on the lookout for some new pieces to coordinate with the old! Mine is really simple and I have my eye on a few Kate Spade patterns. :) I love the Blue Aves salad plates!

Colleen Sullivan said...

great china cabinet! it is timeless and classic.

I registered for and received 12 sets of our Lenox Venetian Lace wedding china which I love but don't use often enough. I hope someday I'll do more of that kind of entertaining.

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