Wednesday, October 30

My Favorite Wedding Vendors Part 2 - IheardBride

My wedding veil...sighhhh...I LOVED my wedding veil. About as much as I loved my wedding dress. It is delicate and gorgeous and has a fabulous gauzy blusher. It will most certainly be a treasured keepsake and passed down to any future daughters/daughters-in-law. {I posted about my inspiration and search for a veil HERE}

It was perfect. IheartBride was an absolute dream to work with. I had no idea what I was doing ordering a veil. She answered all my questions and gave me great tips in picking the perfect veil to match my gown. I send her a sample of my lace and she sent me a sample of hers and they were SPOT ON! I then sent her my measurements (this is a bit tricky, but she helped me out) and she created my gorgeous veil.

I had originally thought I wanted a "drop veil" that was pinned to my hair with hat pins, but after receiving it in the mail I decided I wanted it attached to a comb so it had a bit more height at my crown. I sent it back to Eleanor and she attached a comb at no charge.

Enough words, pictures really do it better justice ---->

Wednesday, October 9

Wanting This Wednesday 10.9

A Barbour coat for HB. Wouldn't he be handsome in the quilted version? (he can match his Daddy!) A must have for what is predicted to be a harsh winter here in the Bluegrass!