Thursday, July 9

Hang Ten

BLC from The Company She Keeps tagged me to play Hang Ten...I'm supposed to list ten "unknown" things about myself. 
  1. I burp a lot, and really loudly. I'm kind of known for it. (Gross to some... I know!)
  2. I'm afraid of fire. I only recently used a lighter for the first time ever. Puts my hand way too close to the flame. (Good thing I'm not a smoker)
  3. My dream is to own a high end wedding boutique...Maybe some day. 
  4. I have over 60 wedding related websites bookmarked. I'm wedding obsessed and not even engaged! 
  5. I have an older brother. People are always surprised to learn this. I guess I don't talk about him often, he and I don't have much in common. 
  6. I despise fake nails. HATE them. Acrylic french manicure = DATED. (IMHO)
  7. Soup is my favorite food. All kinds. 
  8. I'm rather low maintenance. I'm embarrassed to admit that a lot of times I get my hair trimmed at Super Cuts. 
  9. I've been considering highlighting my hair. I will NOT be going to Super Cuts for that! ha. My inspiration is Paisley and Pearls - Love her hair color!  
  10. I started clerking for a small firm today! I'll be there the rest of the summer and I think it will be very interesting and I hope I learn a lot! 
I Pick Pretty - She is rather mysterious and I'm dying to learn more! 


Ashley said...

i volunteer to be your first wedding boutique employee!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am wedding obsessed but not engaged either. The sites just have the most gorgeous pictures! Sigh. One day ;)

Legally Fabulous said...

You crack me up with your wedding obsession. Your poor parents and Ben when you finally do get engaged!

I have a slight obsession with weddings too, but mostly just making fun of other people's, not so much planning my own. Maybe some day?

Also - fake nails. Ick Ick Ick. We are in total agreement on that one.

QueenBeeSwain said...

amen on fake nails being icky and soup is just amazing and ALWAYS hits the spot- generally in pretty minimal calories and is delicious- double win!


Summer Wind said...

I'm only 19, and I'm obsessed with weddings. I even made an account at the knot just so I could browse and save things I love. Weird, i know!

LawGirl said...

I'm over acrylics too. I had them once and now think that fresh polish on real nails is so much prettier!

Alissa said...

You don't burp, you BELCH.

I miss my friend. I don't have any more.

Anonymous said...

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