Friday, January 8

weekend project

ben is hanging the tv right now. this required us to pull the cable up through the wall and to run it along the wall to the other wall...that sounds confusing. but we couldn't run it in the ceiling, soooo in order to get it to the wall with the door you see in the pic we have to tack it up against the ceiling... and to hide the cable we are putting up crown molding. ohh the joys of owning a home! haha. i love weekend crafty/handy projects! i'll share pics when we are done tomorrow!
have a great friday night!


micah @ the yellow front door said...

sounds like a fun project... good luck! :)

ChatTeaKathy said...

Yay for new BIG TVs! My roommate got one as well this Christmas, and I am a lucky gal who gets to reap the benefits. :)

Miss Type-A said...

Enjoy the new TV! :)

Michelle said...

Totally lovin' SpongeBob on the TV...and congrats on the new flat screen!!

Happy crown molding project...can't wait to see the finished pics!