Tuesday, January 5

LAST first day of school EVER

today is my very last First day of school...EVER! SO happy about this! But, in case any of you are feeling like your life is crappy... take a look at my class schedule this semester:
1. Employment Law = LAME
2. Debtor/Creditor Law = learn about people who owe a lot of money
3. Estate and Gift Tax = more tax...ugh
4. Legal History = learn about people who are dead
5. Copyright Law = learn about people who are dead

Not ONE of these classes interests me. gag.


CowgirlLawyer said...

I just found your blog and am an early law school grad, taking the bar in Feb! My last semester was like yours--full of horribly boring classes!!

Good luck though! The end is near! Enjoy all of the free time you have left because bar review is killer (and I'm only one week in, yet already saying this)!

Peach Bellini Bride said...

Congratulations on ALMOST being done! :)

pammycakes said...

good luck!

Michelle said...

It may seem boring, but it's gonna pay off in the end! Good luck, girl, and happy last first day of school ever.

emily said...

congrats congrats!! youre so close!! :)

ashley said...

haha, yea those do sound quite crappy. but yayaya for last first day! good feeling!

LauraAnn said...

I don't think I can really argue with you.....that definitely sounds like a pretty boring class schedule! Good luck and hopefully the semester will fly by!

Kassie said...

horrible schedule!! but at least you are almost done, huh? :)

KK said...

uh. . . what? I'm a 3L, and those classes don't seem worse than any other law school classes by any stretch of the imagination. Wealth/gift tax transfers is fascinating and useful. Copyright is also interesting.

I guess the majority of law students are debbie downers, so I'm not surprised. But show a little optimism - after all, many people wish they could be a law student but can't for various reasons.