Wednesday, November 2


I'm in Chicago until Sunday! Be back next week with lots of pics! Anywhere I just have to go? I'm meeting up with several locals while there, so I should have good guides!

And isn't this lovely? I can do without the snow though!

Have a great rest of the week & weekend! 


Al said...

Have a great time darlin! And even though there is snow, that picture just looks magical :)

{lauren} said...

wow thats a beautiful picture.. i would probably frame it hehe have fun in chi-town. I dont have any recommendations for you sorry =(

Legally Fabulous said...

and fRiday night we're going to dinner like 10 feet away from where that picture was taken, right on the river! yay!

carmar76 said...

garrett's popcorn. heh. the lines are woooorth it! : )