Friday, November 11

Holly Day Market

Ladies! To those of you in the Lexington area, be sure to stop by the Junior League of Lexington's Holly Day Market this weekend! I went last night and there are tons and tons of wonderful vendors. A great opportunity to get some of your holiday shopping finished! 

Have a lovely weekend!

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AbbyS. said...

I love Holly Day Market and shop every year however I went today and learned a few things about the new location.
1. No ramp entrance = very hard to get strollers and wheelcharis in...
2. Very small isles. Again VERY hard to get stroller through, let alone double stroller. ugh.
3. Not enough parking. Also very hard when you have stroller and double stroller.
4. Cute stuff, bought a few things but I could not see it all because of lack of space.
Not trying to complain, but it was so hard for this momma to shop.
Glad you got some cute stuff!!