Thursday, June 28

Race day!

Every 4th of July here in Lexington, we start the day bright and early with the Bluegrass 10,000 race. Ben has run in this race every year since I have known him. My family and I make our annual visit to our friends' house which has a giant porch that overlooks part of the course. It is always a lively bunch and a great time...they hire a band, have it catered...the whole 9 yards! This usually begins at 8am. You can imagine that I'm ready for a nap after the festivities wind down (a little respite before the next event - pool party!) Here is what I'd like to be wearing this year to the watch that is! {Top & Shorts}
And this is what I plan on bring ...yea, it's early, but we still booze! Patriotic Jello Shooters!


Clemson Girl said...

Love the outfit!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

LOVE the outfit!!! I do hope we can watch the boys together like we always do. And even though I say it every year, I really want to make a sign this year! (I actually mean it this year - haha.) I don't have anything super cute to wear this year. :(