Tuesday, July 3

WWW - Send-off Sparklers

 Thought I'd do our WWW post a day early this week seeing how tomorrow is the 4th. In honor of Independence Day I wanted to share some of the fab sparkler send-off inspiration photos I have found. I definitely want to do sparklers when we leave the reception, I just love how the pictures turn out! Annnnd all you Thetas know that we "sparkle," so these are appropriate! bahahaha I'm kidding! Kinda ;)

"please join us for a sparkling farewell to katherine & ben"..."sparkler send-off 11pm" & the little tags say "light the way with a sparkling path at 10:15pm"

so romantic!

I like the saying on the green tags above, but like this style of tag that just slips over the sparklers..."let love shine"

so sparkly!

these with the matches are super cute, but I don't think I'll do that extra step!


Steel Magnolia said...

I, too. Had to have sparklers because they are just some of the best pictures! Just make sure you coordinate it with your planner because from what I understand it can be difficult to coordinate with the timing (getting everyone lit and lined up, then yall running out before they run out). I think thats why the matches can be a tood idea. Yay!!

Annie said...

I just ordered mine. I'll have to get you the name of the company. Low smoke and they burn for 4 minutes. 36" long sparklers!

Glitterista said...

I think the wedding planner at our venue thought I was nuts when my first question after hearing about the venue was if they allowed sparklers! :)