Wednesday, July 11

WWW - To-Do List

With about 11 months to go until the big day, I feel rather good about the planning I have done so far. Of course, an 18 month engagement and a seven year courtship (I have been reading way too many novels set in the 16th century!) tend to give you ample planning time! I have many of the "big" items checked off my list and can now concentrate on the fun, crafty and personalized details. I do however have a few big decisions to make in the near future...

Some things need to be taken care of sooner, rather than later. Then there are smaller, easier to decide on items and details that will need to be handled on down the road. I'll save those for another day...

  1. Find a band - any suggestions would be appreciated! I want something affordable but fun! This I probably need to get booked ASAP.
  2. Choose a florist - I have an idea of the style of bouquets and flowers I want, just need to find the right person to execute these ideas.
  3. Choose a bakery - this will be super fun :) and Beny boy loves him some sweets!
  4. Find bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen suits. Still looking for the perfect shade of pale blue.
  5. Select my shoes - must be done by early December for first fitting! Not an easy tasl, I've been looking for months and have yet to find anything I just love. Butter makes some lovely bridal shoes, and they are affordable (compared to LBs or something) But I am willing to splurge if I find something amazing! Feel free to send ideas my way :)
  6. Decide on save the dates and order them..several months to do this. I want to get the save the dates out by the end of October. Also, find a calligrapher. 
  7. Get registered and keep track of all that jazz.
  8. Find a caterer for the rehearsal dinner & book ASAP.
  9. Look into any rentals we might need for both reception and rehearsal.
  10. Any other things I need to sign contracts for and book in advance...what am I forgetting?! 
Ha! Well, more to do than I have already done...good thing I LOVE it! I should have skipped law school and been a wedding planner. But let's be real, if someone told me they wanted a red and black wedding I would b-slap them & tell them no can do and then vomit. Wouldn't be great for business. 

Swatches I've collected thus far...waiting on some LaRoque ones as well.


Erin said...

I'm about in the same boat as you planning wise. (My wedding is June 15, 2013) For dresses: have you looked at Alfred Sung bridesmaids dresses? I'm getting the short black ones and letting my bridesmaids choose their style. I think we found a fun Motown band, and I'm in love with the Kate Spade charm shoes, but I need to decide by December too!

Good luck and happy planning!

Courtney Ferry Noland said...

We used SixtyFourWest. They are out of Louisville, but play alot in Lexington. They offer more of a variety (alot of oldies and country mostly) but they had practically all of our reception guests dancing throughout the whole night. Check them out!

Kathryn said...

hahaha, my best friend is getting married this weekend and her colors are red and black! Good to know that someone else (besides myself) doesn't think too highly of those colors.

Glitterista said...

My mom mentions that I may be in the wrong field weekly when we talk about weddings, but I'm afraid I'd be the same way if someone's vision was too far from my own. ;)

We decided on LulaKate bridesmaid dresses a couple weeks ago, and next weekend two of my bridesmaids are coming with me to look at them again so I can decide if we want to do striped skirts or solid.

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I love the red/black comment - you are too funny!

I love LaRoque - Annabelle is based in my hometown of Columbia, SC!

You are smart for nailing down specifics this early. I left quite a bit until the last minute and had a few sleepless nights :)

Annie said...

Sounds like you have your priorities in order for sure!

I'm using Still Cruzin' as my wedding band. I've heard amazing things about them!

Do you have a photographer yet? Get the vendors that can only do one wedding a day nailed down first. Florists can most of the time do multiple a day.

I've been trying to decide on my shoes too and you know what I think I'm going with - nude pumps. They are just classics and I know I can wear them Let's be honest they're only seen for that one picture the photographer takes and if you do a garter toss (I'm not).

Save the dates are super cute but we choose not to do them because then you are locked into your guest list.

Okay I'm done! Love wedding planning!

Worthington said...

My head is about to explode - seriously, my wedding plans would be all over the place if it wasn't for the wedding planner. Oh yes, we also got a wedding coordinator last weekend so YAY THANK YOU HEAVENS!!

Brandi said...

Russ has a band! The Johnson Brothers would be great! Courtyard or Derae would be good for catering.

Anonymous said...

Just curious to see if you've looked at Aria bridesmaid dresses? Their patterns are mix and match, their quality is amazing! I have several friends that went this direction! They send samples!!!