Monday, June 18

The first 5 days after the weekend are the hardest...

Another Monday, people! We had a great weekend here in the Bluegrass! Spent Saturday by the pool for a friend's daughter's 4th bday party. Saturday night we went to a JL friend's wedding, she was a gorgeous bride!! Then Sunday Ben and I went to church with my dad and then took him to lunch. Last night my brother, sister and I cooked dinner for Dad at his house...low key...oh and I managed to get in a couple of naps (you know it's my favorite hobby) and visits to Pure Barre. Good weekend!!

HOW funny is this Scooby?! A wee bit inappropriate! 

Saturday's wedding was at Lexington Country Club, where Ben's and my reception will be!

The lovely bride and me.

Bubbly on the patio...doesn't get much better!!


Georgina said...

What a wonderful weekend it sounds like you had! Gorgeous photos :)

Katie of At Home When Im With You said...

Looks like fun! That scooby costume is a little creepy (and tight!). So much fun :)

Mrs. Jones said...

Love it - and your friend's dress was just gorgeous!