Tuesday, May 19


here are some of the inspiration pictures I have pulled for the condo ben and i may buy. i didn't keep their sources because i didn't plan on putting them on here - sorry! {i think some may be from Apartment Therapy} 

i LOVE these colors. love the rug. love the drapes and their detail. love the white built ins and the pop of the pink pillow. and i love the two chairs and their shared round ottoman. i need this room. 
i'm considering a built in dining area. maybe something like this, but with the table in the picture below and two of its matching chairs on the outside. 
desk/sofa table. great for small spaces! 
love these colors. actually, i love everything about this living room. 
love the table and the muted colors. also like the pendant w/shade for above the built in dining area. 

i pulled this one because i liked the picture grouping and the high gloss black furniture. 
i saw this chair on someone's blog and i LOVE it!! so pretty. wonder if i can DIY?



I love all the pictures you've posted! You've got great taste!

Kayce said...

I love ALL of the pictures! I want my house to look like that!

The Pink Tutu said...

I love all these! What a relaxed, but also chic, atmosphere it would create.

BRD said...

You have fabulous taste! That dining table looks exactly like mine! I think the chairs might be the same.... I love all your inspiration pics! Now, I'm a laid off interior designer - when can I come down there and help you decorate? We need to discuss our cupcake shop as well... :)