Tuesday, September 25

change of plans - bachelorette party

One of my best friends is getting marries next month and we had planned on having her bachelorette party in Nashville this coming weekend. However, she is teaching a new grade this year, just bought a new house, and still has last minute wedding things to take care of. So, we decided to skip the weekend-long trip and do a night out on the town here in Lexington. Which means, I've got to throw together a bachelorette party by Friday! Eeek!

I sent out e-vites, and I'm planning a little lingerie shower before we head out to dinner and the bars. I don't have time to order anything, so I'll be DIY-ing a bunch of stuff!

Here is what I have in the works:

facinator }


kristyn said...

how cute! i like this idea :) hope you girls have a wonderful time!


Whitney said...

Same thing happened with my bachelorette! You will have so much fun and I love all the attention to detail you are giving the bride for a fun night out on the town!! :)

Chelsea said...

Hope you ladies have SO MUCH FUN. xoxo.

Jones Henry said...

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