Tuesday, April 20


with summer quickly approaching farmers' markets everywhere should be setting up shop. they are the best source for fresh, yummy fruits and veggies. i know a lot of us are always talking about wanting to eat more healthy, and i think a great way to get plenty of veggies in your diet is to use a steamer to steam fresh ones. its so easy and fast, plus the food holds most of its nutrients.

i'm waiting for this baby to arrive in the mail. i ordered it from csnstores.com. they sell everything from kids clothes to corner tv stand. this is a great site for finding good deals. 

do you all have any good recipes or different ideas for cooking using a steamer? this one has two trays and comes with a rice bowl (obviously for steaming rice). 


Prissy Southern Prep said...

Steaming is a great way to cook healthy veggies, thanks for reminding me! :)

Lisa said...

I just took mine out of hiding for the first time in probably 5 years! I forgot we even had it! Great, easy way to make healthy food.

Legally Fabulous said...

I do not have a steamer! I just buy the little steamer packs of veggies. You'll have to tell me if you actually use it a lot, I'll have to put one on my list of kitchen gadgets to buy!

Lauren said...

we have a stove top pot style steamer and use it all the time. we steam artichokes (with a olive oil and herb dip), steamed broccoli (with lemon and parmesan), asparagus (with Hollandaise sauce or lemon). Sometimes we just do a medley of veggies.

Hope you like yours!

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