Friday, April 2


Keeneland opens today!!! But, I'm not going, I'm waiting till next weekend. As of now the forecast says it will be sunny and 60. That is 20 degrees cooler than it is today. Only in ky.

I order this Anthro blouse to wear to the races next Saturday. I'm going to pair it with white pants...& yes, I abbide by the "no white until after Easter" rule! I love the beading on the shoulders, plus i figure i can wear it under a blazer for work. I guess I'll be needing a cardi over, hmmm...I'll have to work on that.

blouse can be found HERE.


Jill said...

Blouse is lovely, and perfect for Keeneland! :) The place will be swarming today and tomorrow, I'm sure. I was out there yesterday doing something for work and the weather was BEAUTIFUL.

Brown Girl said...

Love the top, so cute and it will look perfect with white pants!

Jen said...

jealous that you'll be at keeneland next weekend and jealous of that top! have so much fun cheering on those ponies...cheer for me too!