Tuesday, March 8

Sherry's brooch pillows

A friend of mine, Sherry, recently renovated an adorable ranch here in Lexington. Sunday I went to check out the finished product...and I'll tell you, it's TDF! The fabrics and light fixtures were my fave things..oh, and all her bathrooms are done in fabulous wallpapers! I'll show ya'll pics of the house soon, but today I wanted to share two super cute pillows I found at her house.

Sherry adorned these pillows with collections of old brooches. Some were heirlooms, some found at flea markets and antique shops. She even added some family military medals. I love the idea of purchasing a brooch each time you travel somewhere new then adding it to your pillow collection....collect them over time, picking up one here and there. What a great way to remember special trips!

Aren't they great? Love that they add some sparkle!

To get the look all at once, you can find lots (as in multiples together) of old brooches on ebay.

And, how cute would an all cameo pillow be?! love it!

Do you all have any special family brooches or just ones you love that you could use for this project?


Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I have a ton of them because to be honest, i'm like a grandma and looove to wear them!!! I was so pumped when I saw her pillows the other day and totally thought in my head "i'm stealing that idea." ahahaha.

Thanks for letting me tag along Sunday. Her house is amazing!!! And that little puppy? Loved him too!!!

Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

Now...if only I can remember which box mine are packed up in. I think they are in one of those random boxes full of stuff I still haven't unpacked since we moved from the farm.
I know I have a random box full of shoes, trinkets, jewels, etc some place...

Holly said...

My mom made my bouquet for my wedding out of brooches. So instead of flowers, they were all sparkly! So now, I have the brooch in a case to display. I love it.

SKB said...

What a great idea and those pillows are just adorable! Thanks for sharing this.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i LOVE this!! i'm often attracted to brooches, but never buy them, because i now i wouldn't wear them..next time i see one i like, i'll have to buy it! i'm new to blogging, please stop by!