Thursday, July 7

birthday treats

Several of my good friends have birthdays coming up...may have to make these for them! Or maybe for Logan's bday...he will be 4 after all, may be more age appropriate!!

You'll need:

  • cupcakes baked and frosted
  • sugar cones
  • candy melts
  • Large round sprinkles (optional)
  • small sprinkles
  • Large jelly candies

Get full directions HERE


K said...

What a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Is it terrible that I just really want one (or three) of these babies right now?! ;)

Great idea for a birthday...thanks for sharing!

Amanda Kay said...

They look so tasty and cute! Plus, if you push the top down, you could pretty much eat it like an ice cream cone. A cupcone, if you will.