Sunday, September 11

10 years

I cannot believe it has ben ten years since that fateful day when America was attacked...I was a sophomore in high school, and I remember I was between classes, at my locker, when my friend came up to me and asked "Did you hear NYC was bombed?" We went to our next class, english, our teacher had the news on and we watched those terrible images and scenes unfold. What a terrifying day. Where were you when you heard of the terrorist attacks on September 11th?

Today, ten years later, all the Americans who lost their lives in the attacks are not for gotten. Nor are the Americans who have fought for our country in the years after 2001. We are more than blessed to live in this amazing country.

God Bless America! 


Mandy said...

I was a junior in Highschool, in between first and second hour, we all saw it on the TV's in the hallways. It was really weird at first, once really loud hallways were all of a sudden really quiet, everyone just stopped. It's like the world stopped turning for that brief moment. I immediately called my dad who was traveling to DC at the time to make sure he was OK and he was. Thank goodness. The rest of the day and few weeks after we sort of surreal, something I don't think any of us can put into words.

Mandy said...

were* sort of surreal...sorry!